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Emg single coils?


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IIRC, holy grails are Lace's yeah?

Well, Dave Gilmour of pink floyd (One of the greatest players, imho) went from his Laces over to EMG SA's and still got a great gutsy sound out of them, that I m guessin will be just as good for blues!

And Rock sounds will just roll out of it, again listen to gilmours work on Pulse.

Any way, toodle pipp!


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The DG-20 system is extremely versatile, a bit pricey, but it is badd beyond belief! It might just get you everything you want - check it out!

Just what i was thinking, more powerful than a lot of 'buckers, great Dirty sound and clean, OMG it is a beautiful sound.

Rock, blues and even metal jump out of it, these are going into my first strat.

Any way, back to Sam's thing:

They should be more or less perfect for what you want, and if you dont like em, I'll take em off of your hands :D


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