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NTD - New Tool Day


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I'll take the opening post by offering up my new routing beast; a Makita RP2301. Compared to my tiny Makita RT0700C palm router, it's two worlds away.

From what I recall, it's a 3-1/4HP with linear bearings in the plunge mechanism. Definitely the smoothest action I have EVER felt in a plunge router. It came with the same micro-adjustable edge guide I've been using with the palm router, which means that with two I can use one either side of the router base to do anything from centred truss rod routs to loose tenon joinery. The collet is 1/2" factory, with 3/8" and 1/4" reduction collets. I supplemented these with an 8mm collet since we use science units.

I'll do a full review at some point once I've put the machine through its paces. Generally it will be in my router table, however it would feel like a bit of a shame to permanently site it there....


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It's part of the reason I wanted to build a router table at this stage. I'll be fitting Sapele picture rails, skirtings, corner mouldings, doors and door frames as we renovate this new place. For making instruments, it'll breeze through. For the price, this machine is a great deal. Routers twice the price don't feel this good. I've heard that this dust collection is less than optimal, however at least I got the newer package where the shroud is included. This was the full-on FCXK/2 package of the RP2301. I paid a little more to get it from Axminster in the UK than I would have done if I'd have gone to say, Amazon.de, however free shipping plus some glues and a Shinwa mitre gauge makes for a happy me.

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