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Interesting New Nut

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I was talking to my dealer guy for all my guitar parts (Ken Francis of former Sonic Designs), and he showed me a picture of the new nut he put on the fretless neck he made me last year, which i sent back to him, cuz he's making me a body to go with it. So that was a nice new surprise :D

So i take a look at this nut, and its got these little things where all the strings go through it. He shows me how you can adjust the height of these things. So the nut has individual saddle screws in it! I thought this was pretty neat ^.^ Cuz now i can have an adjustable bridge height, as well as a nut height, so i can optomize my action, and get the absolute lowest action without worry of after fret buzz, first fret buzz, or any of that stuff!

Ken is an awesome person to deal with! If i get time, i'll post the pics he gave me. I was very happy to hear of this news, cuz i really dislike graphite nuts. I asked him for a brass nut, and he popped that up for me B) He even sent me the brass nut he was going to use on the bass, so i could put it on my f***around guitar that i do all my experiments on (scalloping, refretting, refinishing, logoing, etc.) And right now that guitar is the most comfortable one i've ever played ^.^ First guitar i ever got too. Ibanez GRX20.

Right now its got a SD JB in the bridge, and a hotrails in the neck position, both on a 5 way switch... i'm gonna get that fixed >.< Currently, its nonfunctional lol. I don't mind spending 10 bux on a 3 way ^.^ I'll have an extra 5 way left over that i can use if anything else :D

Wow, i'm rambling! Okay, so yeah, i have enough time to type all that crap, but not enough time to post pix... i'll do that... sometime when i can get more sleep >.< Class at 2PM zzzzzzzz...



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okay, wow, i got pictures up faster than i thought i would! Here they are. Anyone seen this? anyone know who makes it? i forgot to ask lol.




And here's a picture of the entire neck for anyone who's wondering. Its the most comfortable bass neck i've ever played... Oh, i forgot to mention that the nut so far is being made for 4 string bass only >.<


But ya, its a fretless, (if you couldn't tell lol) I got to pick out the headstock (it looks A LOT better in person), and ya i do admit that i had it bassed pretty largly off of Ken Lawrence style headstocks. I just love his craftsmenship and designs, and i though to myself "hmmmmmmm do i want a boring pointy thing, a giant ugly fender thing, or a ultra cool custom thing?"

Yeah... I'm rambling again. I should stop typing at 3 in the morining. Tell me what you guys think!

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Well if you're one of those people who are sick of graphite nuts that like to wear down, then you can use this thing. If the nut wears down, you can adjust the height so its back up and all high again. You can also have a high action, or a low action, and no matter what, you'll have perfect action without buzz. So its kinda fun.

Either way, he installed it for free :D so i'm happy with it!

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I think they are ABM nuts... let me look for a link.

The headstock shape reminds me of a squid :D.

Edit: Brian seems to sell them here:


Ugh, Allparts search feature sucks... here's a bigger picture


I think it's the same one. What's the interesting new bridge in the title?

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Looks like a Warwick 'just-a-nut' .

and there's a drawing of a six string version in my Rockinger catalog

it says :


Messing. Jede Saite ist in der Höhe


Guess that really says it all :D

I'd like something like that just for setting up the guitar; seeing how low the strings can go, then I'd make one out of Corian, tusq, etc.

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I had a Yamaha RGX model (many moons ago) that had a height adjustable nut. It was FANTASTIC for setting up a guitar for super-low (or super-high, or "just right") action.

It was a couple of millimeters thicker on the fretboard side, with two tiny 2mm set screws in between the Low E and A strings, and the B and High E that touched a metal plate underneath. Worked great.

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That's a lot like what I do when I fine-tune floyd nut heights with shims. I leave the strings on, take off the clamps, put the clamp bolt back in, then use that clamp bolt to jack the nut up to the right height, while I stick a metal shim under the end of the nut.

Not sold on the idea of the just-a -nut 2, because the string radius would have to match up perfectly between the nut and fret top.

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Height-adjustable nuts are a great idea. Say you get your frets perfectly leveled and your neck relief perfectly set... no matter what, temperature and humidity changes will cause your neck to flex ever so slightly, and truss rods don't have much effect at the extreme ends of the fretboard.

With an adjustable nut, you can fine tune the action a bit better in the lower register. This is especially important for fretless basses, where you want uniformly low action to get a nice even "buzz" across the entire fingerboard.

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