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Pictures of my workshop


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Looks well thought out. I'd even have to say it looks "cozy" (like you'd feel real comfortable spending as much time as possible there). Smart move having the walls painted white. It's the only way to go when you want to have shelves and tools all over. I used to have my shop sprawled across the whole basement, but year after year, "gravitated" everything over to one corner, which is better, because I don't like to have to go walk 30 feet to grab a tool I need, I like it better when I just have to walk a couple of steps, or even better when I just turn around from my main bench and grab what I need out of a cabinet on the wall, chuck full of most of my parts and tools.

I sometimes wonder if that Chinese thing about how furniture is placed in a room really makes sense, and if it also applies to a workshop (like having your bench running east/west or north/south has an influence on how your work turns out).

Talking crazy as I often do :D

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the thickness sander if im not mistaken is a ryobi (sp) i also have a dewalt thickness planer hidden not in any of the pictures,

it is quite cozy and comfortable to work down there only problem is cuz im an arch major at college my work time is usually late at night when the parents are asleep which is not good when i wanna use loud tools,

yes most of the tools are my dads and some are even his dads but they still work damn good, some of the newer tools from within the last yr or 2 are the grizzley bandsaw, the chop saw, spindel sander, dust collection system, and the thickness sander but i got that from my uncle

i guess the wood working just kinda runs in the family works good for my so i wont hafta buy as many tools


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