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Ashbory bass

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Cool sound clip... i'd always been interested in those, but never heard one before. Very "woody" upright-bass sound! But that guy playing the sample file has terrible intonation! I would imagine with that short scale and chubby strings, hitting the notes *exactly* in the right place on the fingerboard is quite a challenge.

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Those little basses are neat. I played one a few years ago when DeArmond came back out with them. It was down at the Musician's Friend warehouse down in Kansas City. Very clean and sterile sound. I don't know if I'd go onstage with one for fear of looking like I was playing a toy, but it seemed like it'd be a cool tool for the studio.

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Well, I came, I saw, I freakin' bought one!!! I got it today and played it for about an hour......It sounds great! Like a mix between a stand-up and a washtub bass. Very cool "twang" sound hidden in there that makes for a unique sound.

Fun to play too so far....and it only weighs about 2 pounds.

Time to go play more :D

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