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Cutting a neck

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If you want to shape the neck, you need a belt sander (thats what i used) and your hand to hand sand it, a Bandsaw is the saw your looking for, and if you are angaling the headstock, dont ask me cuz i did mine kinda weird, but effective, i chopped it off, then made a template on how it sits in, then drilled 2 holes for 2 1/4 rod to sit in (headstock and neck) and then sanded the base of the headstock so it angled back, i then took my template, placed it on my headstock, put some glue on and clamped that sucker together, let it dry for about a day, and your set, i know that the best way to do it, but it seemed to work great for me


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I love to see questions pop up that are about the same project I'm about to work on.

For my first neck, I was going to glue a few pieces together to build up the blank. I will probably need a planer or a belt sander to make sure every thing is level enough for all the gluing. After the truss rod was sorted out, I was going to put the fretboard on. The blank will be larger than the fretboard at this stage, so my plan is to use my router table next.

The fretboard, no radius and facedown on the table, will act as the "template" for the rough shape of the neck. The berring will move along the neck blank and be pretty cleanly lined up. I'll stop short of the headstock and shape that later.

For the profile of the neck, I'm going to use a table mounted belt sander to get the main curves. I'll follow that with sand paper and a lot of hand work to "feel" when the neck is right.

This is pretty much the method outlined in the Bennedetto book on making hollow body jazz guitars. Hope that helps.

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i use planner, Spokeshaves , Scraper, bandsaw or saw, sandpaper.., knife..

and i suggest dont use belt sender.. use your hands.

because when use beltsender it is too easy for mistake.

tool is very very faster.. and it is too fast for mistake..

but hand is not faster and difficult ,

when absent-mindedly work.. neck is damager is big.. ^^

good luck.. for your neck...

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gotta agree with hyunsu, start with your hands till you figure out what works for you, then use the power tools as you see the need. ya might wana pick up a scrap peice of pine, or birch or something like that it'll carve and shape a bit easier and cleaner then plywood.

spokeshave, bandsaw, planer and sand paper should be all you need.... router with a straight edge for the tappers, but if you're just doing a ruff practice bandsaw is probably good enough.

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