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veneer on a compound curve?

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I read Scott Rosenberger's very thorough description of how to apply a flame top to a body. I am wondering if I can do this with veneer across 2 dimensions (compound curve). I have this old Mockingbird I thought I'd sacrafice as my first mod and I tried to approximate the general curve of my Ibanez S. After getting the general topography of the body, the wood (laminated basswood or alder) didn't seem very appealing grain wise. So, I thought it might be cool to throw a nice flame veneer on top. I have seen production S models with a cool transparent blue finish (only on a 7-string version) over flame maple. I read that the top is only about 1/16th inch veneer and wondered how the factory does it. Any clue?

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My $0.02-I've had some good luck with soaking veneer in de-ionized water and using heat to form it to a surface.But.It has to be done VERY slowly and you do run the risk of it splitting when it dries.Instead of trying to do full coverage in one shot,try it in several.

I mean rough form it,then hold the veneer in place with damp cloths backing it and leave until the cloths are dry.Then use steam to fine tune the shape.I've seen some pretty wild veneer jobs in modern industrial cabinet making,although that does involve treated wood and speacialized machinery.

I'll give it a shot starting tonight using some pine vener that I have laying around.

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Okey-dokey,water is deionized,double filtered and mixed,(6-1{water/vinegar}),with rice wine vinegar.The veneer,(1/16")is soaking for the next 24 hours.

Sounds delicious! :D


lol :D

Okay-have added some black food colouring to the liquid and am going to let it soak for a day or two.So far the veneer is extremely pliable in all directions. B)

Brian-thanks for the rice vinegar tip,the wood has taken on about a 20% greater flexiabilty than just water. B)

I was thinking of using it to do an inlay on the back of a neck-but I wondr if that will answer anything.-thoughts? :D

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Yeah I tried test bending some beech veneer (dry even) over the Mockingbird and it's a subtle enough curve that I think just a little steam will do the trick. The compound curve is even more pronounced than the S. I'm sure if anyone has a Sabre they'd like to veneer, it would be a breeze. I'd still like to try the rice wine for good measure, push the envelope a little on something more radical. I'll post pics of my veneer job when my never-ending basement remodel is done and I have a shop again! :D

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