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in need of some of you smart ppl

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i just got this guitar off of my friend for two xbox cables. now i cant tell if he got the blunt end of the stick here or its a piece of crap. it looks pretty good, theres some places where the paint is chipped and theres a spot on the armrest where the person evidently tried to fill a crack and did not succeed. anyways, its an ibanez according to the logo on the headstock. ive looked all on the ibanez website and cant figure out what it is. it says on the neckplate that its made in korea and has the number 8912740 on it if that helps at all. i was just wondering if you guys could help me figure out what it is and if its any good. here is some pictures i took of it. i appologize for the poor quality but thats the only camera i have at the moment and sorry if i posted this in the wrong place, i couldnt figure out where it would go. thnx


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The one thing that jumps out at me is that bridge. Is that supposedly the original bridge? I'm only familiar with some of the Ibanez guitars and none of them have that type of bridge. The body outline shape looks like an Ibanez.

Maybe it's an old guitar - I think you can tell by the serial number. I seem to remember something about the way they encode the manufacturing date into the serial number - try jemsite.com - there should be something about the serial numbers there. I don't know if that only applies to jems or not though.

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