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my neck making

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my neck making.. photo..

my method is not tutorial.. only my work type..


copy head use Adobe photoshop.. photo shop menu include PrintPrieview.. use this menu and check 0 fret size of printed paper..


make template from MDF


do not adjust for neck wood.. pre test wasted wood..



result of router template.. my only router use work is head making..



cut by knife.. head & body joint area..



use spokeshave.. stright work.. dont stop .. stright .... T_T

it is my expression limmit..

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using sandpapper #80 - #120 or #180 - #220 - #320


working is diagonal ..

it is make smooth neck grip...

my expression limit.. T_T


all sendpapper is diagonal .. but this is #320 finally.

first #320 is diagonal

some time need stright.. and some time need diagonal


sendpapper is ended..



when bulk neck grip making is end.. i dont wait wood's final status.

so use sending shiler ? NC rocker ? lackquer ? ^^

one time paint.. ^^

and current finish is removed.. ^^ and finally dry..

in my home.. out.. sunshine.. & moon light ^^ but not direct sunshine..

and this making is not end..

it is pre neck grip making..

this neck is need 2~3weeks time for neck's stable..

when time is gone.. check fingerboard status and make radius and have stable time..

and check radious and fretting..


checking neck stright status..


this pic is all my office job end.. and go home eat dinner and go my working room..

20:00 ~ 01:00 working.

good night.. friends..

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why do you let your necks sit for 2 to 3 weeks?? is it to let the set and become stable in relation to the shaping of the wood, i have never heard of doing that bfore, maybe my ignorance seems like a good idea though, is it ok to go without letting it sit that time period


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hi.. MzI

fingerboard and neck is laminated by glue.. (titebond)

but titebond have moisture.. when fingerboard & neck is planned. and it is stright..

but when glueing..

neck & fingerboard wood supply moisture.. and have moisture is reason of neck moving..

normaly back bow .. and time is gone.. it will stright or back bow..

when this my woking is end.. (current pic work)

and bulk neck back making .. neck is moving.. 2~3Weeks.

and 2~3 weeks gone.. wood removing is end..

so need time.. ^^

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