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Drill Press too small-need advice


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Man, I am trying to drill the holes for the strings on a tele body and my drill press (10 inch) will only reach the outside holes. I don't feel comfortable drilling by hand and having the holes not lining up on the back of the guitar.

I may be crazy, but I thought I saw a rig somewhere that converts a hand drill to a cheap drill press. I have looked at Home Depot, Lowes and the Woodcraft catalog and cannot find the thing. Anyone have any ideas???

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I've had those old stand alone gimmicks and while they do work you still have to practice with them.

You can make your own by taking a 2x4 and drilling through it using your drill press then use the 2x4 to get the hole started buy lining it up with the drill bit already all of the way through it, then slide it down to make sure your straight up and down to the wood.

The pain then of course is your still faced with doing it by hand to go all the way through the body. The block trick will only get you started.

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Those drill guides are better suited for carpentry work. They are quite "top heavy". I would do Brian's idea. Use your drill press to drill the 6 holes in a flat scrap of hardwood that's big enough to clamp to the tele body.

Make sure your drill-press is set-up square as can be to make your "drill guide" as perfect as possible

I once had that exact "drill guide" pictured in your link. I had a hell of a time trying to keep the whole thing from wandering or walking, so I took it back. Then bought a drill press with a 14" swing.

By the way, this is the best way I've found so far to square up your drill press :


Also, with anything I want to be drilled right on the mark, I put a Dremel dental bit in the chuck, I'll then move the item to be drilled until the dental bit tip lines up right on the punch mark, then I clamp the object to be drilled firmly to the table, take out the dental bit , and replace with the drill bit I want. Then I double check to see if the tip of the drill bit still lines up with the punch mark, but it's hard to tell, which is why I use the pointed dental bit to really check it.

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Dude. I did the string through trick on my guitar with a hand held drill for the same reason. The drill press isn't big enough. I removed the how to from my site from the lawsuit and all that... but here's what I did.

*Drill one hole all the way through and the other 5 about 90% of the way through.

*Flip the body over, and use double sided tape to stick the bridge on the back of the guitar. Line up the one hole that's drilled all the way through, and make sure that the bridge is square.

*Use the bridge now as a drill guide. Drill through the bridge for the other 5 holes. You don't have to drill down that far since they will meet up with the holes you made from the other side. The holes will be perfectly spaced.

Hope that helps.

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Jehle, awesome idea. I am just sitting here wondering why I didn't think of it! I am using the Stewmac tele bridge pup template which has the strings holes drilled in it already. So, since I can reach the outside holes with my drill press, I will have two holes to line it up with on the other side. It seems so obvious now that you have pointed it out. Thanks.

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Jehle Wrote:

I removed the how to from my site from the lawsuit and all that... but here's what I did

Lawsuit? Did someone try to sue you for posting this technique on your website? Thats odd. Great idea by the way.

Best Regards,


*takes deep breath*

Actually, it was the other way around. They copied my site and sold it on eBay. There's a HUUUUUGE thread on this topic.

Here's a link to the drilling lots of little holes technique.

Drilling holes for string through bridge by hand.

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