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Where can I get plans for...

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i checked there, there isnt any

but, it may not be plans, but check this out: http://www.hollowood.com/manu/jackson/kv3page.jpg

it has some specs along with a picture


You will have to click under where it says SPECS on the page


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Lemme whip out the measuring tape here...

From where the body joins the neck to the end of the tip is 20.5"

The inside of the wings are 10.75", measured along the curve

From one tip to the other is 16.75"

These numbers check out on both of my King V's.

If there's any other measurements you need, I can get 'em for you. B)

Also, just so you're aware, Jackson doesn't use binding on KV's. If you've seen one that looks bound, it's just painted bevels. I've never even seen a custom KV done with binding. Mmmmm.... bound KV.... :D

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Well I am new to this so measurments will mess me up. :D

But I am looking for this kind of stuff. The USA KV2



But yeah I am looking a Full size drawing, So i can cut the wood from that.

How hard would it to bind the body, fretboard and headstock?

I know they don't bind them, but i would like to try something new to see if it looks cool.

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I can't help on the full sized drawing, unfortunately. I know someone that might be able to so I'll ask him tomorrow.

Binding a KV would probably be easier than binding a Strat style guitar. It's basically four straight lines.

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