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Just Finished.....

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Just finished this one.

African Mahogany, with curly maple top. Three lamination quarter sawn mahogany neck, ebony fret board. White and gold mother of pearl inlays, with silver vine.

Seymour Duncan Jazz and Distortion, standard les paul wiring, but something more exotic will follow later (coil taps, etc).






The next one will be a "star" shaped guitar of some sort..,. an original design inspired by the charvel stars, jackson warrior, etc.

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That is a truely beautiful guitar. I don't like the design for the vine, but the work is magnificent, beautiful top, and I hate figured tops, so when I say something like that, it really has to floor me. I love your headstock shape and your truss rod cover. Are you doing all your work by hand? or do you have access to any CNC equipment?

congrats on a BEAUTIFUL guitar!!!!

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Thanks guys. Its all hand made. Using a CNC takes all the fun out of it (and, well, i dont have a CNC anyway!).

Ive just glued up the maple for my second and third guitars. I'll get started on them within a week or two. They will be more "metal" (think Dean vs Jackson vs BC Rich).

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Truly beautiful looking instrument - very envious at your talent! How's it sound?


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Gallery Hardwoods. Larry Davis is the man. I purchased that top three years ago, and put it under my lounge. I wanted to make sure if was really dry.

Ive since bought more tops to do another ten or so guitars, and none have been as good, or as cheap for the quality. Not to mention the problems that come with dealing with amatuers (Larry is a total proffessional, and loves what he does, it really shows. I cant speak highly enough of him)

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all the cover's are on the back I would assume, he didn't cut anything out of the top to have to save the wood for.

sorry , you took me up wrong there! , i did`nt explain it well,

What i mean is , if you look at the website showing the build prcess you will see that the rear control cavity is actually wood cut from the cavity itself(the grain matches). I was just wondering how that was done so neatly.


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I used a pearl shell saw blade, with a custom made saw frame. It was more difficult than it sounds, as the cut needed to be PERFECT, otherwise any wavy cut lines would have meant more sanding, and a smaller cover.... a smaller cover/bigger hole = big gaps. In the end i bound the cavity hole with black veneer (1/40") and the covers were too big to fit in. I sanded them to fit snuggly in there.

Most of this guitar was built "back to front" to allow all the little custom things to work. EG: the cavity covers had to be cut before the top went on, same with the pickup holes. Obviously, with a carved back, i couldnt use plain old flat plastic covers, so they needed to be carved too.

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that is simply amazing. i think you have created a masterpiece. bravo.

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