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Okay, so I need to either build or buy a neck at this point in my project. I can get a decent neck at a store here for $80, but I want to do the inlay myself. I would also like to sand and finish it to my specs, but that is not as important.

So I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone know where I can get a partially finished neck (no fretboard, no finish)?

And can I do the inlay with the fretboard glued on (and the frets in place)? If so then I might get a neck from the store with no inlays on it.

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I've been talking to a couple of wholesalers about this very same problem, Hopefully I can convince then to start producing a limited number of necks for sale which are slotted but no markers or frets installed.

So far the plan is for Ibanez style and Fender style neck heals since those seem to be the main ones I'm asked about but these will have paddle headstocks so you can cut your own design out, plus it eliminates trademark infrigment issues.

Some will be for locking nuts while others won't depending on the interest.

The first few of course will be rosewood fret boards as well.

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Personally, I would say build your own neck if you want to do your own inlay work. Inlaying will be more difficult on an already radiused fretboard. Besides, for bout $40 or less you can buy everything you would need for a neck.

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well i can cut for cr@p so i cant build one.


Another option,(and it's added work).Is to get a neck,pull the frets and strip the finish.

I think Warmoth does custom oders and might not have a problem shipping an unfinished neck with no frets installed.

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