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hi everyone ,

just wanted to show you where im at with my first project..

so far i would say its going pretty good for a first time, im at building my neck for start and after that i will do the body.

just routed the channel for the hot-rod truss rod tonight, like the topic says i want an ESP mkII type of neck with reverse headstock and white binding on neck and headstock.

i didnt buy the special bit from stew-mac, i used a 3/16 freud bit and made it wider by doing 2 channels sort of, width of my channel is .224 inch and depth is .465 inch when i read on my digital caliper.

i also didnt make a channel all the way, i left some wood underneath where the locknut will be place and drilled a hole beneath for the allen nut to pass.

i will put other update in this thread when i will have some, its going slow but surely.

thx for reading B)

hers some pics =










p.s. sorry for the crappy pics but i only have a $20 bucks digital cam, LOL

:D take care....

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i like the little decorative thing

i kinda remeber her name, betty boop is it?

Anyways, it looks like its coming along nicely, what kind of wood is that? hard to tell from the pics, but kinda looks like maple?


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yes your right its maple, 4 piece laminate for neck and 2 piece for headstock.

i started this as an experiment and bought my maple at home depot, the neck seems more difficult to build than the body for me so i wanted to try it out without spending too much on wood, if all goes good maybe it will good enough. :D

the next one ill build will surely be 1 or 3 piece with a bubinga stripe.

and yes thats betty boop back there, lol, my wife likes her and thats the only place where the pics where coming out decent with the neon light under the kitchen cabinet, hehehehe..


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just got myself a dozen of ultra bright blue led.

$1.50 each can dollars plus a 2xAAA battery holder.

those led runs on 3 volt dc and have a diameter of 3mm.

im looking forward to put those in my fretboard !!! :D



thx everyone for checking out . :D

@the plague = looking forward to see some of your progress pics...


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great choice of a guitar to make...i have a ESP M-II Deluxe and its the coolest guitar...and try to make good notes on your led experience so you can share it with us...i want to try to install led's in my explorers fretboard...looks good tho!

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heres a little update of what ive done this week-end :

started to sanding/shaping the neck and headstock with my drum sander attachment for my press drill (i looove this thing,lol) close to the marks and cut the thickness of the neck with the table saw, put an ear on headstock cause it wasnt wide enough and i still need to bring down the thickness of the headstock down.

it starting to take shape pretty well. :D

as for the led im still far from doing them but ill surely try to make a little tutorial on those even with my shitty camera, hehehe, i dont really know how i will do those yet, gonna have to put some thinking into this when times come....


take care people.




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Hi everyone,

heres a long due update of my project;

Fretboard is slotted and ive put the white plastic binding on it and plastic diamond shape inlay i made from a pickguard blank material.Scale length is 24.75 and radius is 16". The fretboard is also drilled for the led that will be the side marker, just done them yesterday and at this point the fb was just taped with double faced tape so i can get it out and install the led in it and after that i will glue it permanently.

I will buy some wood for the body real soon, probably will be mahogony with a stripe of dark wood sandwich in between like wenge or bubinga, and a flame or quilted maple veneer above all this. Im starting of thinking about a blue/aqua stain on the figure of the wood and a black burst all around, not really decided yet on this, still have plenty of time left to make up my mind for this,lol.

thanks for watching !! :DB)




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Looks cool!

I hope you are able to find a way to dim those LEDs a bit though. For front markers, super-brights are great. For side markers, they can blind you to the point where you can't tell where you are (depending on the angle). Try expermimenting with the current and get it down low. Are you using resistors embedded in the fretboard or are you using one big honker in the body?

I'm glad to see someone doing an ESP style guitar - you don't see those too often. Keep them pics comin!

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Ah yeah, i forgot to mention,

im not using my super bright leds, im keeping for a future project for front marker one day cause like you said , its WAY too bright for side one and its literally blinding you when it hits you right in the eyes, so i got a pack a green and a pack of red normal led, 12 led for $1.50, lol, way cheaper then the super bright.

For the resistance i will use one for each led like on your tutorial.

Thanks daveq and everyone for your kind word !!


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WOW B) and is this your first build??? it looks AWESOME!!, i love the BC Rich touch with the diamond inlays, it looks like the fretboard on the warlock I'm building, except it's an ebony fretboard,a dn the inlays are paua abalone, but yours looks incredibly good, i can't wait until you show us some more pictures of the body wings glued , keep up the great work :D

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Finished gluing the LEDs last night , heres how it look now, every solder have been dipped in PLASTIC DIP (sort of rubber coating that harden for tool and stuff) to prevent any short circuit, again sorry for the poor quality pics but its the best i can do.. B)



Also, ive bought my wood for my body this week, its 5 block of mahogany (honduras, but aint 100% sure) 2¾ x 2¾ x about 18/19 inches, i have started to resaw them with my tablesaw to 1 7/8, so thats leave me with about ¾ left each for another project, was on sale at $5.00 a block, not bad. after slicing them i will join and glue them.



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I have started to shop abit for a tremelo and i might be interested by those =

tremolo 1

or this one =

tremolo 2

The first one seem on the cheap side, the second one seems much better i think, i was wondering if any of you here bought one of those or has any experience with them.

Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks !!!


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Amazing work ! Sure doing professional work for a first project ! Keep us updated

I bought the TRS low from them, I don't like the first one, but waiting that it arrives.

Anyway if you consider the price I think it will be a good tremolo, I wanted an Ibanes lo pro for my 7 string, but way out of hand the price, I can't afford it.

I saw some licenced floyd rose trems for about 55 $, but will not reccomend.

These of Guitar Parts depot seem to be a good quality / price trem.

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