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what you can do to a Saga kit ;)

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In answer to questions :D

1. It's all hand cut and hand routed, the only thing done on computer was I used CAD to design the dragon so I could print lots of fine line copies.

2. The material is mostly synthetic shell (celluloid plastic) except for on the belly where the gold is gold dust in epoxy, the wings will be brass wire, and The pupil of the eye (hard to see in these pics) is chrome.

3. The paint color is called "electron blue" it is an indigo blue, that i added a silver pearl to.

4. So far I have about 50 hours in cutting, fitting, and routing all the pieces, I still have the tail, and wings to go, then I actually have to glue it all LOL!!!!!!

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Guest AlexVDL

If it's ready, please tell us how much a job like that would cost. I'd be interested for sure!

Good work bro!

Btw, where do you get the acrylic material from? Is it available in most hobby shops or something?


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