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  1. Well, pop them on up here already. Been wondering where you went mate. I was hoping weren't just teasing us with these shots of lovely work and blue dye, only to walk away and leave us hanging.... SR
  2. Yeah, I've heard that's a pretty town. That's strange about the difficulty of finding hardwoods, when so many nice ones come from there. I''ve got Cocobolo, and Bocote that came from there and mahagony that probably did. I would love to find some Desert Ironwood for a carving. All I can find is already carved and is at the aforementioned mercados. Although the prices are pretty good so I've seriously considered buying a carving and using it for a carving.... which is kind of what Mike did with his flea market find. He says as he tries to bring this back from a 100% hijack--Sorry about that Mike. SR
  3. Hey Jose, they keep all that kind of stuff in the mercados up in the border towns for the turistas. At least they did when I lived on the border. And subdued is exactly the right word. Dude your English is better than that of most of the people I know on this side of the river. SR
  4. This came out really nice Mike. I really like way the grain in the front wood showed up. Did you have to dye it any to match the back or did you just oil it and voile! Looks like you need to toss some weed and feed on the lawn tho' dude! All joking aside, good job! SR
  5. Looks great! How did it "go mental"? SR
  6. What? You want a tight fit don't you? You just taper the tip and pound it in with a mallet. Just kidding! I've used toothpicks and match sticks, but they are a bit soft. I've found hardwood dowels down to 1/8th in. at Lowes. Glue it in, drill a new pilot hole, and it's good to go. SR
  7. Glue a dowel into the hole and screw into that. SR
  8. Doesn't sound like you're a fan of the stuff. Maybe you could wet sand with mineral oil as a lubricant. Of course, you'd then need a way to clean it off before spraying again. Surely there's a way to do that..... SR
  9. Looks good Henry. Very nice joins on your wood. You have to look very closely to be able to tell it's not made from one piece of maple. That one pickup looks kind of lonely all by itself though. SR
  10. Well, yeah........David's pretty good. Understatement of the year! It's hard to hear a Gilmour riff and not know who it is. When I think back to the music I grew up with, pretty much a steady diet of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, I gotta throw one more out there. Jimmy Page. I know he seems to be everbody's favorite to put down....too sloppy they say, but he was definitely a forerunner in the shaping of sound. And it's hard to deny that just hearing the beginning of one his riffs wil identify who playing it. And after 40 years it still sounds great. SR
  11. Left handed compliment aside, nicely done Mike. SR
  12. You are going to do black and sand back anyway right? Dyeing the inside of the routes at that time seems like the natural way to go. Good call . SR
  13. That is amazing cool! I actually like the colored edge...it kinda makes it look active somehow. I can imagine looking at the edge under a microscope and seeing tiny rust monsters eating away at the wood grain. I really admire the creativity of your projects and the artistic nature of your work. It succeeds on multiple levels. Put me on the list of those wanting know how this is done as well. SR
  14. Intelioat and Sihl make a coated canvas for UV inkjet printers that print beautifully. Check your local digital printing companies and you should be able to find one that can do that for you. SR
  15. Acrylic gets CNC'd all the time...by sign companies. Like most materials it's just a matter of the proper bit and correct (spindle) speed and feed (rate). SR
  16. Routing a binding channel would be very tricky since you have alread carved the top. If it were me, I'd just sand the tip of that horn back until the chip is gone and then blend the curves till its smooth. When you are done I doubt anyone will know that horn is 1/8th inch shorter. It will be a little work to get the entire thickness mahagany and all reshaped, but probably less than you'd think. SR
  17. You have the projects crossed up. The Iceman has the ebonized neck. The twins are wenge/limba. Doh! In that case, I'd go with the limba to balance your pinstripe theme. SR
  18. Yeah, I've done that. Or you can paint or stain the insides of the holes black and get the same look with more depth using clear epoxy. SR
  19. Neither. I'd go with the ebonized neck wood and let it visualy tie back to that. SR
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