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  1. Very cool, and metallic can be a challenge to spray evenly!
  2. I ma really liking the geometry of the f-holes, body contours and the control layout.
  3. Adobe illustrator wins in my opinion: you can really fine tune curves in that program, and you can convert the files to DXF format so a cnc router can undertand.
  4. I bet one layer at a time will yield a more resistant form because now this layer will freeze the others below in place. Pretty cool stuff.
  5. I bet mixing in some powdered (white) fiberglass would give it rigidity and a little sparkle. I don't know if you can buy it or you have to make it. The stuff I had looked like snow, it was cut pretty fine.
  6. What wonderful proportions with a beautiful wood grain contouring the form! And all those switches- awesome.
  7. This is the most accurate tool I have found to measure the material thickness, but if I could find a more exact way to gauge the thickness, I could make the part lighter still. Drilling the stud holes in the bronze was a very nerve-racking experience. Even slowly pecking at the bronze with a drill press didn't prevent the drill bit from aggressively grabbing the material I used a helical tap with a lot of cutting oil, and happily, this combination yielded good results.
  8. Or, will the resonance of the materiel actually cause discord and damper the string vibrations?
  9. This build is a total masterpiece! Bummer about the blemish, mishaps like that always seem to happen to me.
  10. I am getting back into this build again- The tuning fork element has been worked over, and this is what it sounds like: soundboard resonations
  11. I picked it especially for the grain showing through. Unfortunately the clear is ultra-thin and I have worn through to the raw wood on some of the sharp edges. The wear will look cool over time, I guess.
  12. I love things with faces. Beautiful color combination.
  13. That is a really fun logo, I would be drawn to a guitar with that headstock. in my mental preparations, I was planning on cutting the profile out of my ebony veneer before gluing it down to the headstock, as apposed to routing it out as you have. Do you see any disadvantage to my approach?
  14. This is going to turn out real pretty! By the way, old jointer blades make fantastic (flat) scrapers. We switched to helical so we had a pile.
  15. Beer cheese soup is pretty easy to make, and you cant swing a cat around here without hitting a cheese maker or a beer brewer. This winter has been a challenge space-wise. My wife got a kiln and a pottery wheel so we dedicated two little rooms to that equipment. All my junk is piled in the other rooms of the basement, and underneath somewhere is my workbench.
  16. Not only do we have brats, but the brewery here makes a "Wisconsin poutine" which has brats cut up into it with deep-fried cheese.
  17. I think it was .25mm- which was a tad over-kill. For now, I am leaving the blocks on the sides of the neck for places to clamp the fingerboard on.
  18. and here is a shot of the back after the rough pass-
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