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  1. What a joy to read. 11/10 thread, thanks for the awesome build!
  2. Yeah I thought so, I was pretty sure your finishing game wasn't the only thing that is top notch on these guitars. But since we went through the craziest things, I thought this problem might be hiding in plain sight. Blah...
  3. I'm gonna lean myself now faaaaar out of the window, I don't wanna question your guitar building skills because I have only the highest admirations for the stuff you pull off, but in what relation is the fretboard to the body. Are they perpendicular or is there a break angle? Because if there is none, and the bridge is too high and you try to lower the action by tightening the truss rod, you will get buzz at pretty much every fret except perhaps the few highest ones. This is the roughest of the rough sketches of what I'm trying to talk about. There are things that aren't the most acc
  4. I still can't believe these works of art have fretting issues. This top looks insane, I'm not even sure it's wood we're looking at. Such a happy sad story man, but yeah. Take care of yourself first, rest will be easy. Burnout is one hell of a state, don't push yourself there.
  5. Interesting read, thanks for that. My "knowledge" about it came from a guy working in a music store in Stockholm. Was there during my stay in Sth, and went to the store to try as many guitars as possible, to see what in the end I'd like to incorporate in my first build. The guy working in the store was really into the idea, and showed me a few guitars with reverse headstock and explained to me why that is so, and apparently spread disinformation. Never thought about it really, but makes total sense from a physics point of view. Just to bend my mind a little around this. So the article you
  6. Routing tone chambers into tonewood, has science gone too far?
  7. I'd say that it doesn't really matter as long as they sit nicely on the nut and don't jump out of the slot while strumming, but then you could go to extremes to a point where it would begin to matter. But it all boils down to what you want. For example, reverse headstock (tuners facing the floor, and the low e string tuner being the furthest away from the nut) can help with drop tunings, because the low e string is long providing more tension when tuned down. On the other hand it's believed the less there is string on the outer sides of the saddle and the nut, the better the tuning stability.
  8. This is why I keep coming to this forum... I didn't even know how much I love steerheads until I opened this one. Amazing job, damn,
  9. Some mad science going on here, really like it, but the tweed kicks it up a notch further... should have "bookmatched" it to make it in true guitar building fashion.
  10. Nah, I'd still do a lot by hand, I don't fool myself in that regard. But I've seen some amazing stuff by @curtisa @MiKro and now you, that while technically is possible by hand, would take some nerves and masochism to get done. And for those tasks I'd love to have one, I wouldn't even need a big one. As someone here said, it's just a tool in the shed you get to use.
  11. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to own and learn how to use a CNC. It's those tiny details that will elevate it from normal build, to pure awesomeness, nice!
  12. Ah yeah, the side that was out in the open is really the purpelest of purples, but the side I cut and plained is even after 3 days in the sun a bit bland and wood colorish... I saw online that heat can bring up the purple out, so I will try with some tiny pieces to see how it goes and decide if I'll risk with the big pieces.
  13. So this is how far I came. since I'm still waiting for one more board of dark bamboo, I got going with the light build. Neck core all glued up and did a pass with the router to get it roughly flat. Also cut the purpleheart for both wings and flattened the sides so it's ready to glue on. I just need to rout the trussrod slot before I glue on the wings. Made a template from plywood, a bit rough around the edges, but the shape is roughly there. After the sides are glued on, I'll cover the top with olive slices (6mm thick, will plaster the top and bottom). Small samp
  14. My brain is pudding, I meant @ScottR ... weekend can't arrive soon enough
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