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  1. I love this body shape, can't wait to see your take on it. Looks like it'll be a fun thread
  2. Greetings from Opatija, Croatia. I decided to quit my job and change companies in hope I find people with better work ethics. Few months ago I couldn't imagine quitting cause I love the folks I work with, but since we work remote, they behave so irresponsible and slack most of the day and then work long hours... I couldn't deal with being most of the day at home behind my laptop anymore. Now I'm using all the vacation days I have left since summer. Decided to drive out to the coast and see if summer is still lingering around. No tourist, no people on the beaches, bars closed etc... 19 deg
  3. Yeah, I searched the forums for "bamboo" but didn't see any mentioning of glue. It also doesn't make sense for me to go to IKEA and buy a bamboo cutting board and try gluing it, the boards I'll be ordering from designholtz could be manufactured in a completely different manner and not react the same as the cutting board from IKEA. I guess sometimes next week we will find out how rosewood glues to bamboo and we'll go from there @Workingman I'm mentioning bamboo boards from IKEA specifically because they feel pretty raw and not epoxy filled. They even sell oil for keeping the board
  4. Can I call dibs on this one? Don't care, calling it, dibs! impressive work, hope you're doing as well as those guitars look. Take care and keep up this awesomeness!
  5. Found exactly that and it made the most sense, yeah. Some did suggest epoxy, and yeah, most answers were gluing bamboo to concrete I'll go with wood glue and yolo it. The only change since my initial plan is that the core will be purpleheart, sandwiched between two dark bamboo boards. So when I contour it the purpleheart will be sticking out on places. Neck will be laminated bamboo with sheets of purpleheart veneer inbetween, going for the "racing stripes along the whole body" look again. @mistermikev and @curtisa that story sounds a bit fishy, but I'll believe you
  6. To bump this a little, as I'm about to pull the trigger on a few bamboo boards and some purpleheart (it'll be that dark roasted bamboo + purpleheart + golden hardware). Anyway, question is, does anyone know if I can use normal wood glue with bamboo, and how well it'll bond to wood? Technically it's grass and not wood, but the same fibers are at play basically, so I don't see why wood glue wouldn't work. But if anyone has some experience or more knowledge, I'd be thankful, info online is a bit contradicting.
  7. Coming along really nice, love the headstock carving. Glad the parts arrived so we can see this get done, such a nice piece of wood
  8. Very well deserved, awesome craftmanship + this thread taught me a lot about finishes
  9. I think the strings from the top tuners will barely miss the middle ones. You can always go with string trees or: https://www.thomann.de/gb/dietrich_parts_string_butler_v3_full_black.htm I think this would fit in nicely and sort everything out, perhaps a bit over the top solution to a rather simple problem. As for the rest, I'd love to see a Bigbsy on it for the bridge, but I think any trem system would be a pain to use since the arm would be directly over the knobs, so a nice clean fixed bridge will have to do. Nice guitar tho
  10. Damn it I hate these threads, no matter if 10 entrants or 2, it's always a hard choice...
  11. I was wondering if you ever finished this. Glad to see it plays and you're happy... GOTM this thing haha, I f*ing love it
  12. Yup, looks good now. On a sidenote, as long as users log into a website with a username/email and password combo, I like the site to be secure. Most people use the same email/password combo everywhere, so if someone reads your unsecure traffic and picks out email/password combos, no one is preventing them to try the same combos on PayPal etc... so yeah, even tho you don't have payments here, a leaked username/password combo is still valuable
  13. If you force the site to https instead http, it says the cert is not valid, but once you accept the risk it loads FontAwesome and all the goodies and it looks normal. But the issue is that all the links are http so once you click onto something (thread, forum secion etc.) you're again on a http site so fonts won't load (mixed content bla bla). Just a question, is there any place in the forum software where you set the site URL? Can you change it from http to https? :)
  14. Been following this one closely the whole time. What a lovely instrument, great job Andy! And the sound awesome For some reason I feel like this is to a guitar what a harpsichord is to a piano. Sounds really renaissance, love it!
  15. The top turned out so nice, wow. Can't wait to see it all put together, great job!
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