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  1. Uuuufff, just the right amount of pink shimmering getting trough. Nice therapy you got going there.
  2. Looks like you can surf on it, great stain job. Interesting build, keeping an eye on this
  3. By the size of the core, I'd say you have plenty of room for error, left/right and up/down. So the bent shouldn't be a problem, one you get it out of the clamps, flatten it again. As far as the headstock joint goes, looks good to me. I personally prefer when the headstock is glued on top, like: So, method 1, but both work equally good. Just make sure you have all the room you need on the headstock, once it's cut, that's it
  4. There was an interesting documentary few months ago on German television. A well known investigative reporter went to extremes to see how the beauty industry works, and what works best (cosmetics vs. surgery) so he treated half of his face with cosmetics, and he god surgery done on the other half, so see what would make him look younger. The sobering part of the whole documentary was when he was talking about how he wanted to get some well known German beauty instagram influencers on board and interview them. Ask them about what surgeries they had done, what kind of values they promote et
  5. Yeah, one of the reasons why I'm blending in the edges marked with red on the bridge recess is to have it a little bit easier when replacing strings (the string holes are on the bottom) and it will for sure help reaching intonation screws as well As far as software goes, paint haha
  6. What is this thread... am I Beetlejuice? Say my nickname three times and I get summoned? Jokes aside, that second body shape that you're committing to, looks really good, godspeed! Let's see if anything I'll post here will make sense, it worked for me and if it helps you, then it's even better. My first build wasn't really normal shaped when looked from the sides. The core of my first build came at a bit less than 1.5" (around 38mm if I remember correctly, might have been 36mm even) and then the idea was to get everything not needed, thinned down (that means basically everything where t
  7. I was wondering what happened with this. Looks awesome, love the way you do the volute + emblem/medallion/whateveritis embedded into it.
  8. We're getting somewhere. Just realized I started this thread back in december. Good thing I don't do this for a living
  9. Really satisfied with how this turned out, a little sanding to get out the "burn" marks around the ends out, but otherwise looks good. Thanks both of you for the advices, in the end I just used a ruler with the router, held it firmly so it doesn't wobble, no jigs otherwise. Got the headstock done as well, otherwise not much time this weekend for this build. Hope I get the pickup cavities done this week. Then glue on the fretboard and do the final body contouring.
  10. Following this one, original looks awesome. Godspeed man!
  11. Damn, absolutely stunning. Love how it looks in the pic with no glare, makes me wonder how it would be if it was satin and not glossy. As for hardware, I'd go gold as well, should look awesome when it's done!
  12. Electronics/battery cavity is done and 1/3 of the olive boards on the backside is now clamped up and I'm waiting for the glue to dry. One of the more tricky build steps is now also completed. Last time I spend 5+ hours on this, I learned my lesson so I made a proper jig for drilling, With rough hand sanding, it took me roughly 50 minutes this time, but insanely happy with the result. Only thing I'm now missing is the blade switch slot, and I have no damn idea how to get that clean and straight. Will try to figure out tomorrow on some test pieces. Got some ideas but not sure what will
  13. There's a difference between spam and scam mails. Scams I don't ever respond to nor even open because there's a wide variety of ways how they check if the mail they send it to is active (tracking images in form of 1x1 pixels etc...). This was legit offers from a local retailer. I don't know how they got my email (might follow up and ask for that info since GDPR gives me that right) but yeah, they ignored my unsubscribe requests so I made sure they keep losing time and money until they stop. And they did rather fast.
  14. Eh, I recently started getting some sales spam, and no matter how many times I clicked unsubscribe, they kept sending. So I started ordering under fake name/address etc. but I put my real phone number. Lady calls me to check if all the data is ok, and if I really want to order one million rolls of that magic waterproof ductape. I told her that it's all fake and that I'll keep making such orders, I'll even write a bot to spam them with orders if they don't stop mailing me. Spam from them stopped that day.
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