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  1. Those color combos are starting to come together really nice. That burst elevates it to another level. Awesome!
  2. Such a nice top, shame the pickups cover half of the front coming along really nice, just a question about the tuners, how do you intonate them? You have to totally losen the strings, readjust them and tighten up again? Otherwise, love them, one friend is asking me to build him a headless travel-friendly bass, and I'll probably go with those or something like them.
  3. So here is what I got done today. First I cut the purpleheart into fitting pieces. The big chunk I had was cut in exactly half, one half will be used for these two builds. The second half will be used sometimes in the future. After cutting it in half, I had to resaw it, but since I don't have a band saw, I ran it lengthwise through the table saw and finished the rest with the hand saw. Here's the result: I also plained them flat with my router, so they are ready for what's coming to them, and this is it: These will be the wings for the black/purple/gold one I designed in pa
  4. Well, considering my first build ever, and first proper project working with wood, involved wenge... I don't see things going any worse than that haha. From the wood db for wenge: Very splintery—care must be used when handling unfinished wood with bare hands, as splinters have an increased risk of infection. Also, Wenge splinters tend to take longer to heal and are more likely to go septic (get infected) than splinters from other woods. Bamboo will be an upgrade in regards of not getting septic wounds all jokes aside tho, I do use protection when handling it, should be ok.
  5. So yeah, this thread has been going slow. I finally finished setting up my work area, I now had some additional shelves and roughly 7 more square meters usable on the attic, so some things should be much easier to do than last time. And I'll be tripping over my own feet way less now. I also glued some test pieces together to see how bamboo glues on bamboo and how it glues to the purpleheart veneers. And it went awesome. All the test pieces I had glued couldn't be broken where it was glued. So there we have it, bamboo, even tho it's grass, can be glued like wood. This is dark bamboo gl
  6. Damn, hope it sounds as good as is looks. Amazing job.
  7. After some thinking how to pick between all these amazing builds, I scrolled a few times up and down and the one that made me stop scrolling the most got my vote wouldn't mind having any of these in my collection, but one does stand out a little for me. Best of luck to all
  8. Yeah, really cool to see where Ola came from and where he is now. He even did an interview (or well, drunk coffee) with Ola Englund, the famous metal guitarist that also has his own guitar brand now (Solar guitars). Quite interesting talk, might help you see one of the paths you can go down with your guitar building career. Both of them even mention Project Guitar at some point in the interview. Really worthy watching. But yeah, in the end, it really depends on you and your personality. I could never see myself becoming master grit 400 sander, I'd rather chase goats trough mountain ranges than
  9. Do you have a cover for the electronics or does he play it this raw and open? Looks really cool tho, awesome build.
  10. I'm always mesmerized when a CNC churns out such a beauty. A nice tool put to awesome use, can't wait to see it completed. Curious how contrastful it'll be when it's varnished.
  11. Can you tag these threads with [NSFW], that's some serious woodporn right there. Looking forward to this one
  12. Hah, that truss rod design is rather interesting, never seen something like it. Fun build, will keep an eye on this
  13. I'd go for a sane job that will eventually drive you insane, and then you balance it out with filing, sanding and routing through wood until you have a guitar. As folks here said, working in a huge factory isn't as romantic as you imagine it. As a student (12 years ago) I worked in an ice cream factory. To this day I am an ice cream addict, but that job almost killed the love I have for ice cream haha. I also used to ride and compete professionally at some of the most amazing skateparks across Europe, had sponsors... did that for two years, and the day I quit my sponsors and went back to colle
  14. I like this video when it comes to tonewood: Do Heavier Guitars *REALLY* Sustain Longer? - Let's Find Out!! - YouTube But I might be biased since I really love thin bodied guitars that are on the lighter and more ergonomic side. Also, bare in mind that PRS built a rather thin guitar for Herman Li (along the Ibanez S-series that Herman Li usually plays) (2) Watch | Facebook So this gets us to the "if you have a stake in it...". In Croatia, we have a saying that goes like: "para vrti di burgija ne moze", translated it would be like "Money keeps drilling where a drill bit fail
  15. Yeah, the purple areas are where the purpleheart reveals itself (arm rest contour, belly cut out etc...) As far as the headstock goes, I absolutely love the looks of the headstock on my first build, and I'll do exactly the same, so everything will fit, might tweak it a little, but to the naked eye, it should be like this: @Bizman62 ah I grew up on those cartoons even tho I grew up in the 90s. The kind of cartoon where all the "actionable" stuff is slightly differently colored to the static stuff... if there's a closet with 4 drawers, you know what drawer the character will open
  16. Here is the roughest plan of the black/purple build with golden hardware, created entirely in paint, so excuse that haha. It will be a necktrough, and the core will be made from 5 laminated strips of dark bamboo with purpleheart veneer in-between the bamboo stripes. The "wings" will be a purpleheart core laminated in-between two dark bamboo pieces. I suck at designing stuff, so the shape will be finalized once I start using tools on solid wood, but the drawing is pretty close to what I have in my head. And it makes complete sense in my head haha, we will see how that will work out
  17. Merry Christmas folks, hope you managed to spend these days with your loved ones! Cya in the build section soon enough
  18. The wood (and grass) finally arrived. I still have to tweak things in my working area, some stuff during my first build was super impractical, so it made me work even slower than I would have anyway. I will sort that out on sunday, and start cutting and gluing on monday. First build for scale comparison... and from left to right: Longest boards (one light and two dark boards) are bamboo. The one on the right is purpleheart, and the pieces in front are olive tree. I also have purpleheart veneer that is not in the picture. I plan to build one dark bamboo/purpleheart with golden
  19. This thread is such a hard read, I'm really a huge fan, specially when you go crazy with the colors (pink/blue/toxic green). Just curious, do you always use the same fret wire? And did anything significant change in your process... new blade for cutting the fret slots etc? I can not accept that this is an issue that can not be solved... wish you were from Europe, I'd pick up one of the problematic ones just to satisfy my curiosity trying to solve this. Oh also, when you knock on the guitar body/neck with your knuckles, do you hear any rattling/buzzing?
  20. Late to the thread, but... can you pull the frets from one of those buzzing guitars and try to play it fretless and see if it'll buzz? I know it sounds silly, but could it be the strings themselves?
  21. I love this body shape, can't wait to see your take on it. Looks like it'll be a fun thread
  22. Greetings from Opatija, Croatia. I decided to quit my job and change companies in hope I find people with better work ethics. Few months ago I couldn't imagine quitting cause I love the folks I work with, but since we work remote, they behave so irresponsible and slack most of the day and then work long hours... I couldn't deal with being most of the day at home behind my laptop anymore. Now I'm using all the vacation days I have left since summer. Decided to drive out to the coast and see if summer is still lingering around. No tourist, no people on the beaches, bars closed etc... 19 deg
  23. Yeah, I searched the forums for "bamboo" but didn't see any mentioning of glue. It also doesn't make sense for me to go to IKEA and buy a bamboo cutting board and try gluing it, the boards I'll be ordering from designholtz could be manufactured in a completely different manner and not react the same as the cutting board from IKEA. I guess sometimes next week we will find out how rosewood glues to bamboo and we'll go from there @Workingman I'm mentioning bamboo boards from IKEA specifically because they feel pretty raw and not epoxy filled. They even sell oil for keeping the board
  24. Can I call dibs on this one? Don't care, calling it, dibs! impressive work, hope you're doing as well as those guitars look. Take care and keep up this awesomeness!
  25. Found exactly that and it made the most sense, yeah. Some did suggest epoxy, and yeah, most answers were gluing bamboo to concrete I'll go with wood glue and yolo it. The only change since my initial plan is that the core will be purpleheart, sandwiched between two dark bamboo boards. So when I contour it the purpleheart will be sticking out on places. Neck will be laminated bamboo with sheets of purpleheart veneer inbetween, going for the "racing stripes along the whole body" look again. @mistermikev and @curtisa that story sounds a bit fishy, but I'll believe you
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