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  1. Uhh, great job. Shame the dark build hides so much of the awesome top, but it suits the guitar very well, love it!
  2. I always come back to Stranbergs headless guitars, he placed the audio jack pretty nicely, so you can sit down and have the guitar on your leg on both, red and green area. A bit compromising aesthetic wise when you look at the guitars backside, but otherwise neat placing. I imagine you could have placed it similarly below the shoulder strap button.
  3. Turned out awesome, wouldn't mind having it in my collection congrats mate, gotta love it when a fun thread ends this well
  4. Turning out really nice, can't wait for the offcut guitars offcuts build 10 years down the line
  5. Uhhhh, this is getting more interesting with every post... godspeed!
  6. In all this overthinking of how to do it, this somehow didn't cross my mind, thanks! Tried Roman numerics out, if I wanna keep them the same size, they are tiny and will be hard to carve with any tools I own and know how to use... but I might be able to pull them off with another technique. I will try out a few things over the weekend and report my findings
  7. I'm facing the toughest decision ever. Do I go wild with the fretboard markings or do I play conservative with normal dots. I had an idea to use the dremel with a fine bit to carve in Roman numericals onto the corresponding fields. They would all be uniformally big so that the number that will mark 24 will be the same size as number 3, and align them that it looks like they are written on the fret they are marking. Something along those lines: I cba. to draw them all up in paint, but you get the idea. I would fill the carvings with purple epoxy, trying to get as close as possible to the purpleheart veneer that goes through the middle. One idea is to use a fine router bit (thickness of the purpleheart veneer) and make a 2 cm wide slot perpendicular to the purpleheart veneer, in the middle of the fret field and squeeze the veneer into the slots. I'd get something that would resemble a fishbone --|-|-|-|--|--|-|-|-|--|- if you catch my drift. As for the sidedots, they will be normal dots filled with purple epoxy. Anyone got any better ideas? I really don't wanna ruin this at this stage haha. Both, neck and fretboard feel so damn amazing, it would be a shame if they don't end up looking as amazing as they feel.
  8. At this thickness you might encounter problems fitting the pickup selector switch if you go for a blade type switch, toggle should fit (Göldo has some blade switches that could fit as well, they are really shallow). Push/pull pots should fit. As for the other stuff, you might wanna use threaded inserts if you'll want to mount the pickups into the wood to gain some maneuvering space, otherwise, pickup rings will do it. Awesome build by the way!
  9. I was actually wondering where you disappeared these days. Awesome build, and nice electronics cavity cover trick, taking notes. Can't wait to see the ebony top project, scrolled through the thread, could be another awesome build
  10. Minwax wipe-on poly, but the satin version. I did gloss on the first build on the front, satin on the back (satin necks feel better for me personally). But for this, I feel satin all around is the way to go.
  11. My vote goes to the Mockingbird, always wanted to own one of those (be it BC Rich Mockingbird or Fernandes MG-145), love that shape.
  12. At some point I was close to doing exactly that on both front and back, on both seams. But for now I'll leave it as is and finish it so I can play it properly
  13. A little update on why there haven't been any updates on this. Basically, I put the bridge and the tuners in and put some strings in to see if everything is aligned, and how far away the strings are from the fretboard, to see if I need to recess in the bridge a little more. I also put in one pickup to see if I have enough adjustment room on that side... So while the strings were up, I decided to put the rest of the electronics in as well, and try to play it fretless. It's so much fun, I've been doing exactly that almost every day for the past 3 weeks, and I can't get myself to taking it apart again and finishing it properly. As far as the front side goes, I'm really happy how it turned out... there will be some light sanding around the audio jack hole to take out the "edge" and make it all flow a bit nicer. And the pot knobs will be different, I won't use these for sure. While gluing together the backside, the last piece of olive slipped a little so there's a visible gap that I filled with olive sanding dust and CA glue, it's nice and smooth, but it is visible and kinda frustrating, but it is what it is. Once I make the electronics cover etc. we will see how much of it will bother me. Otherwise insanely happy how everything else turned out. And my favorite part, the neck/scarf joint and the subtle volute. Absolutely love how the bamboo looks and feels after fine sanding and 2 coats of satin minwax finish. Probably the best feeling neck I have ever had in my hand. I can't wait to finish this, but I also can't make myself take it apart to finish, because playing it fretless is such a joy... So yeah, that's it, I will take it apart on friday and see how far I can take it over the weekend, and hopefully next week it'll be done.
  14. Oh, nice to hear you're happy with the Gotoh GE-1996... I had it only once under my palm, and remember it leaving a solid impression, but not as good as the Ibanez Low Pro Edge. I'm torn between those two for my trem build. Gotoh is half the price of the Ibanez, and if it convinced a seasoned veteran like you, I wouldn't hesitate to go for it as well
  15. Awesome build, great job! Got already ideas for the second one?
  16. Ehhh, not really. "Lemon oil" for fretboard conditioning doesn't actually contain lemon oil, it's just mineral oils with lemon smell. So you can't really build up a finish with it. It's just to keep the piece of wood moisturized. It would have achieved what you wanted to achieve with the coat of danish oil, turn darker and look/feel fresh
  17. Welcome to the forums, heads up, you're here forever. I like everything in this thread so far, from wood choices to @Bizman62 suggestions. I would also go with gluing one half of the table to a full table board so you get "veneer-solid wood- veneer - solid wood - veneer" lamination in the end. That way, you'll have a layer of veneer in the middle, giving you something like: Yew-topped SG-style Guitar - Page 7 - In Progress and Finished Work - ProjectGuitar.com Still one of my favorite builds around these places. But yeah, look at the sideprofile of that build, the thin line separating two solid pieces of wood. You'd just have it inverted, a dark line separating light pieces of whatever that wood is. On the outside I'd keep the white paint pore filled sides. Damn, this thread has potential, I'm really curious how it will turn out, best of luck!
  18. Noob question, but could this result in "clacking" or other weird noises being sent trough the body out the soundhole? Metal hitting metal (with one being firmly secured onto the body)... not sure I'd go down this route.
  19. Whatthefu... teach me, sensei! Bravo...
  20. Ufff, this one will be fun to watch, great start!
  21. Even after keeping them under water, it won't dissolve in water, so when you put them out to dry, spread nicely and keep an eye. Just to be on the safe side.
  22. This is one great thread, keep it coming
  23. Therapy of the month... congrats man!
  24. I'm so confused at how you're gluing and clamping this up. I had a totally different approach to this in my head, but it looks like you've got it sorted out. Really looking forward to it being planed and shaped.
  25. Progressing really fast for a first build, great job, it's coming together really nice!
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