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Andyjr1515    531
20 hours ago, Mr Natural said:

so- Thanksgiving Holiday got in the way of progress here. I also changed my mind on my original idea regarding electronics and such. 

I have finalized on the following

Fender style trem vs the bigsby I was going to use for this. I am saving the bigsby for another project, 

I was originally going to go with 2 P-90s but I want some balls in the bridge - but I didnt want to give up on the p-90 either- so- compromised and going to use a Seymour Duncan P-rails in the bridge, and I was going to use a mini DPDT on/off/on switch to go between the p-90, the rail and then humbucker (series)mode-(I did this with a lap steel I built a few years back) but I notice Duncan has come out with these  Triple Shot humbucker rings with switches in them that allow for the p-90/rails/and humbucker in both series and parallel modes. Think I will give that a shot and have one less switch on the face of the guitar.

I am doing a test on the headstock. It appears that teisco guitars did not have a headstock angle. they also appear to not have string anchors-so- I am wondering how "deep" the face of the headstock has to be to get enough pressure over the nut so not to cause any issues. In other words folks- i havent completely finished the "plan" for the neck- and should before I continue. 

progress pics forthcoming

I watch with great interest to how this progresses :)

I'm a fan of P-rails (they wil be going in my super-slim build if I ever finish it).  I also use the triple shot rings on a couple of my guitars.  They work well in my experience....

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