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5 hours ago, Zoltar said:

You may have regrets about that axle-flag, but I don't think you should have any regrets about scratching around on a 70's RD350...


Not jealous enough! ;)

... after that I returned to Japan and bought a Yamaha RZ-250 and bought the upgrade parts to make it the water-cooled RD-350WC. Next a Kawasaki Mach V 750 triple. After a few large-bore 4-strokes, I “went home to Momma” and bought the Honda NSR-250R/R and tuned it to track spec. Gotta love 2-stroke street bikes!  (fell in love after borrowing a friend’s ‘71 Mach III 500 ... whine/rattle/clang ... Zoooom off in a cloud of blue smoke!!)

Got old, ride a Harley Super Glide now. :)

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