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  1. Nice saving on the neck, I had the same problem some guitars ago... but still don't understand how you could fix it. So the fingerboard was too narrow and you've added a binding... but what about the neck itself? Did you add any extra wood to the sides as well and then you made the neck pocket a bit wider?
  2. Nice hollow, but... wouldn't it be better if you just made a cavity? Is the wood in the first pic for a top or just a template? It looks nice! Welcome to the forum by the way, looking forward to see your creations.
  3. Awesome! Love how this little bastard turned out after dying.
  4. Got lost with so many tops... But are they gonna be two guitars or a guitar and a bass? Sorry for stupid question...
  5. Great job Scott, thanks for re-uploading the pics, this project definitely deserved it.
  6. That fretboard.... Maybe I've missed something, but how many builds are you running?
  7. Don't worry, I'm watching from the shadow and checking that you do everything right. So far so good. ^^
  8. The timing is perfect, it makes the thing more enjoyable. It's just that, after watching the whole woodworking process done with big tools, you know... then the inlay is done by hand and so precisely... it was a magic moment.
  9. Love everything, but the inlay job was freaking good... as someone said before, you make us feel like noobs. Excellent work. Please keep uploading videos, they are awesome.
  10. Good to know... Not really planning to start another project soon, but I was looking for an alternative to Madinter, as they don't have much variety and you never know which piece you'll get. These woods are a little bit pricey but worth a try. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for the link... nice stuff there. I just want to make a bunch of guitars with those woods... When they say "sanded", do they mean ready to glue?
  12. Awesome builds and great color choices... I really love them. Shame they only wear one pickup, I'll never understand that configuration.
  13. Nice build... what's the plan for that red binding? I mean, if you're planning to dye the top to make some combination or maybe leave it natural?... I'm just thinking on a trans-black, that would look killer.
  14. I also got a full time job, joining the weekend builders club as well.
  15. Shit, I got addicted... waiting for the next episode.
  16. Nope, doesn't need to be in this application. I thought that all the components should be connected to ground otherwise one could get an electro-shock while playing without shoes or something like that... Anyway, I finally could afford a common 3 way pickup selector and wanted to use it instead the mini-switch, so I've modified the diagram a lil bit. Hope it's ok. Thanks again for support!
  17. Congratulations Andy, I really admire the innovative approach you took here... probably the most interesting build I've ever seen in terms of design... plus the fact that you didn't use a computer in the whole process, which makes it even more interesting.
  18. Thanks guys! Yeah, that rosewood gets smooth as silk once it's sanded, it's gonna be a pitty to finish it with nitro, but I have no option I fear. (Sorry for the bloody hell typo, now it's corrected)
  19. Hi guys, has been a month since the last post... time flies. So I've completed the to-do list, except the electronics, which I'm currently waiting for. Apart from that, this is pretty much done. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process. Still have to setup this bloody hell tremolo bridge, but after a rough inspection, everything is in place and everything is like it should be. Have good feelings about it. So I already can start with the grain filling and preparing for finishing. See you in a month or so. By the way, the singlecut is already sounding, I just can't take decent pictures of it, but I'll try to solve it soon. Thanks for watching!
  20. Great! I'm wondering... do you have the plans already, do you make them in the computer or you don't even use plans?
  21. Hi @curtisa, thank you very much for the work... I really appreciate it. I've just realized that in the original diagram, the guy is using on-off-on switches and I only have on-on-on... is that an issue? My idea is that the pickups act like normal humbuckers in the middle position of each splitting switch. And I have another concern... isn't the switch in the middle (the pup selector) connected to the ground? Excuse my ignorance. Definitely owe you a beer.
  22. Hi there, I've recently seen a video in youtube where a guy explains how to split the humbuckers, where one can select both coils from a humbucker separately, getting two single coils from each humbucker. The guy uses a standard 3 way selector to switch between pickups, and two DPDT (on-off-on) to split each humbucker. This is his diagram: I was thinking on doing something similar, but using 3 DPDT (on-on-on) instead... so one of the DPDT would act like the pickup selector and the other two will split each humbucker. To be honest, I have no idea about electronics... I wanted to ask if someone can just draw the wiring over this template I've made: You can find more info about the pickup color code here: http://www.tonerider.com/files/humbucker-wiring.pdf Thans in advance!
  23. Ahhh... sorry, I can't deal with all your experiments. Well, that sounds interesting, as I don't know what to do with the low B string in my 7.
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