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do you like telecasters

do you like the way telecasters look?  

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I think the inherant understanding of a typical SC-powered Telecaster comes with time and maturity, it is not a 'candy coated' guitar like a Stratocaster is, you have to stretch yourself, open yourself up, you have to grow and understand, to learn the magic of a Tele.

And wear cowboy boots. :D

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Easy there Pope Drak the first of the teles :D

I haven't actually tried a "real" tele, but I will, I promise you.

I do love the tele shape, however the headstock has to go imo.

I am planning a build in the next few weeks (my first ever), and it's going to be a telecaster,

"And then Drak said to sepultura999 - thy will be done!"

I mean telecaster shaped :D *ducks*



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If that's the original I am sold. Looks like it could compete against the les paul, if it isn't already.

The headstock isn't that bad when I look at Idch, however I am not a fan of maple, and I think it needs to be a bit wider.


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Yes, I do like them.

Actually I am completely Telecaster-crazy at the moment.

Used to hate Telecasters back in the days when Metal preferences dictated me that if a guitar is not poity as hell, then it's not worth having it.

Now I know how wrong I was.

Telecasters rule.

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I haven't played many tele's, but from my little experience of playing them (all of about half an hour), I'd have to say that I'm not entirely sure if I like them lots, or just as another guitar to play. Some of those tele's with flame tops look pretty cool, but as I said before I haven't played them enough to say whether or not I would go out and buy one. They look and feel good, but I'm just gonna have to play them some more before I make up my mind

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