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Just thought I would share..

I just SCORED a RG 550 for $75 bucks at a small hole in the wall music store

This is now my "PROJECT GUITAR"

It included the case & has BRAND NEW SEYMOUR DUNCAN PICKUPS (a Blues Sareceno Trembucker!)

Lesson learned...Check your local music stores for deals!!!!

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Hard to tell yet...

The possibilities are endless!!!!!

I am thinking of possibly doing a Quit Veneer & doing this finish


I will ABSOLUTELY be looking for someone to do the Monkeygrip & Lionsclaw

I will be scalloping as well

I will probabbly be powdercoation the hardware..I am getting pretty good at it!

I am open to thought & sugestions!


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yeah i got a jackson super telly in mint condition a while back in a pawn shop for $165,i got it because it has a great neck,i can set the action down to almost nothing(about 1/32") without a hint of fret buzz.seems like a waste though cause i have to leave the action higher so as to use the floyd.funny thing is i only played it once since i bought it cause i really don't like it very much.i may modify the hell out of it.

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This one is going to be the one I can afford to screw up B):D:D

I am going to get you the stuff that I need PRO work done on!

Dude, you HAVE to show pictures of the stuff that you do, so that the members of the forum can see you AMAZING quality of work!!!

Man...With all the talent on this forum (You, Brian, Bear, Jeremy and all the others) it is SCARRY !!!


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