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Used Kramer

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I was looking for a new guitar and found a used 1981 Kramer guitar i am not quite sure of the model but it is a strat style guitar with a regular tremelo not floyd rose. I like the way the guitar played and the guy was only asking 499 for it but it would need a little work just simple stuff like fix the volume nob and new pickguard and backplate. I was wondering if anyone knew if this would be a good deal or not thanx

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I had 2 Kramer Pacer Imperials - one 1983 made in Jersey, and one made by ESP Japan in 1987. I preferred the American one - every bit the quality of the better Charvels, Fenders, etc. of the time. The ESP one wasn't bad, it just didn't "fit" as well.

Yeah, the new ones are different critters. But the Strikers look like good value for dollar, if you're after a cheapo.

Again, These go all the time on eBay. Here are a few recent ones:




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IMO, That's way too much. You could buy a new one for Half That at MusicYO.

Kramer Striker

I concord that the price it's too high, but to compare the '80s Kramers with the ones that musicyo sells is blasphemy! B) , the new ones are much worst! Ask mister know it all Ed Roman and he will go off for hours :D I had a Kramer Focus 1000 made in Japan. I paid 300 for it used with a Peavey Audition 20 amp (My first set up) .

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