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Van Halen Humbucker Filler

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"Id recommend a 2 part bondo/ wood filler itll be much stronger not that you need strength but will be less likely to crack and ruin your finish and what not."


I have no idea what you are trying to describe. M, can you spell it out for me, cuz I am clueless.

1) Everyone knows Bondo has a hardener that you mix in, so where does your 2-part Bondo come in, I am confused.

2) What is a 2-part wood filler? I've never seen one.

3) I hope you are not recommending 1 part Bondo and 1 part wood filler, but as I said, I can't decipher your message, maybe a language barrier thing?

4) Gluing as large a block of wood as you can get in there is really the best way, the Bondo was just to fill in any miscellaneous cracks around the edges.

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sorry if i was misleadin drak, i meant a 2 part bondo (cuz there is 1 part bondo) in addition to the wood block to take up most of the space, with the bondo / wood filler i meant one or the other not both, mixing them would probly quite the chemical reaction ya never know, as for two part wood filler yes its made, minwax makes it, quite good stuff its basically the same stuff as 2 part bondo except its meant specifically for wood


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Yeah, definitely use a piece of wood to fill most of the hole. I have a friend who used Bondo to fill the entire neck pickup cavity on his flying-V mod/refinish. It looked okay until you got up close to it and realized that the Bondo shrank a little. The cavity was filled, but there was a 1 mm "dish" where the center of the Bondo shrank and you could make out the outline of the cavity, too. He painted the guitar (*ahem*) PEARL HOT PINK, as he was going for a Poison/Twisted Sister look, so with the solid color and pearl combination the outline really stood out.

Hopefully your VH-style paintjob, if you do one, will hide any imperfections.

BTW, that guitar was the first real guitar I ever saw someone really build themselves and do a good job with it. The cavity filling and hideous paintjob aside, he did an amazing job repairing the neck that was broken at the headstock AND body joint and re-radiusing the neck.

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(cuz there is 1 part bondo)

yeah...it's in a small tube and you can get it at wal mart or most places...but it is not body filler...it is called spot putty or glazing putty most places...and it is very soft,even after it has hardened,and is nothing like the real stuff.

we use it at work to fill up the tiny scratches caused by a grinder on handrails and such

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hi guys :D , I'm totaly new here. But I was reading this, and realized that I might find some answer over here that I've been looking for a verry long time. So I registered right away!

I have a jackson ps-7 body wich,has a swimming pool route. I'd like to fill that up in the same way like the trem to hardtail tuttorial.

But what kind of wood do I need to do that? does It matter allot(I guess it does)?

the body is alder I've been told, maybe that's some vital information, I'f you'd like some pics of the body, just ask.


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Wes got it right, the only time you use that glazing putty it to fill in very thin scratches or pin holes! I do the Bondo first level sand then if I see any minor imperfection I use the glazing putty to cover it. This guitar pup switch was covered with Bondo.

after filling and on this one you can see 2 small pin holes that remained after sanding level, this were covered with the glazing putty. The finished guitar since we are talking about an 5150 EVH project! And the best 5150 link here!

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