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what is a jig?

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i'll just elaborate a bit more on the above incase you're slow like me :D

see router bits with bearings at the end that doesn't go into the router are used to trace things, these are called flush trim bits, bits with the bearing on the shank (the shaft that fits into the router) are used to trace the template you just made with the flush trim bit, onto a blank peice of wood.. these are usualy called template bits, and are used with a template or jig (same thing) that is taped (with double sided tape) or screwed to the blank peice of wood.

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OK, a template is an example of a jig, but the two things are not synonyms.

A jig is a device used to hold a piece of work and guide the tools used on it, allowing you to perform a task quickly and repeatably. For example, I have an angled jig I use to hold my neck blanks and route a perfect 12 degree angle on them for a scarfed headstock, a router jig to rough radius f'board blanks, and so on.

Um...oh... that's what Scott said. Nevermind :D

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