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I Need Help! My Les Paul Has No Signal Goin To Amp


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If I had to guess, I'd say the spots where you put huge blobs of solder over the (entire) shielded pickup wire melted through the insulation under the shield and has shorted the hot wire to ground.

If that's the case, you'll have to take it all apart, cut off the last inch of pickup wire, and start over. And NEVER solder the shield of a shielded wire like that. Cut the shield away and JUST solder the shield. Doing it that way is just asking for trouble.

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That has to be the worst rats nest wiring I've seen someone post on the board yet. Other than the fact that it looks like shatner, I have no explanation why it wouldn't be working.

Either learn to solder properly or take the instrument to a pro for proper setup. You've got so many shorts and opens that I'm not surprised you're not hearing anything. I'm guessing you probably didn't wind up playing it at your gig tonight?

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fat chance that you will ever get that going.what a mess.

it is not your friend's fault that you blobbed a ton of solder everywhere.

and by the way,i and all the manufacturers i have seen DO solder the braided ground while it is still on the wire.it is just a matter of whether you know what you are doing or,in this case,not.

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