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my first guitar :D

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That is a cool looking first timer Guitar, what kind of wood did you use for the body? I think I would try to reshape the inside of the upper horn beside the neck, just to make it a little easier to play the upper register.

I see you have the PRS kinda thing for the headstock, oh and welcome to the forum :D

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i agree with brian, you might want to continue shaping the right side of the guitar in the pic if you're going for a strat copy, unless you're going for that exact design shape, in that case it's kinda funky looking! reminds me kinda of the peavy wolfgang model. what is that wood?

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Looks good to me... very good for first guitar.. I just hope the first one I build from scratch looks anywhere near that good... very nice wood.. and I agree.. just some nitrocellulose lacquer from Plasti-Kote(Super Lacquer) or better yet from www.stewmac.com or Guitar Reranch.... just promise to show more photos after your done... :D


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Pretty good!

I've not evenstarted on my first one yet, (I've gotta get a job first to fund it all.) but i hope my first turns out as good as that.


Did you go to Full Sail?

I knew a guy named Loki down there, and I've never seen anyone else with that name...

Just wondering...

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Yea I will post more pics when its finished but for now I’m looking on what’s the best way to do it. And I’m also starting on my ESP explorer copy.

And yea I used like the cheapest parts I could (except for saddles) so that if it sounded like crap I didn’t really lose too much money on the project.

And yea I need to cut off on the right side. At first I wasn’t going to use a pick guard then I did so it looks kind of weird now, but it will be fixed in a matter of days :D

And yes I used alder for the body and an alder laminated neck (sounds weird but it works and yea I got all the wood for free that’s why I use alder for every thing.

I spent $250 Canadian

The Prs headstock is there because I didn’t want a fender headstock I wanted some thing different

for the style of guitar and I have to admit the piece of wood wasn’t big enough for a 6 in line head stock B)

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Oh and 1 other thing I will try to add some mp3's soon cant guarantee they will be great (I have a home recording thing so the will be ok quality) but the problem is I guess I’m not the greats guitar player only been playing for like 2 years or so ill do my best to make it sound ok. And form the looks of this site it sounds like everyone’s like some tech guy or some guy who makes a living with guitars lol

And ill put some more pics up of different angles if u people want

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