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Need Help Picking Out Some Pickups For My Godin...

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I'm going too do a pickup swap on my godin because it just has the stock crap pickups that don't really have enough gain in them too do anything.

It has a Humbucker/single/single setup.

I was thinking either a Full shred or a pearly gates in the bridge. With the singles I wan't one too be prety high output with lots of mids and the other too be a nice classic strat. Should I put the high output one in the neck and that classic one in the middle or visa versa?

What do you think would give me the most sounds?

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For versatility, i'd go something hot in the bridge.. unless you want a vintage type tone, get some kind of hot ceramic like you mentioned.. Then get a regular single for the middle, RW.. then get an overwound hot neck pup.

Check out Rio Grande.. get you a BBQ for the bridge, a tall boy RW for the middle and a Muy Grande for the neck.. That would be pretty sweet. Right from your home state too.. That should give you raunchy bridge sounds.. srv type neck sounds and different combos with the middle pup on..

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EMG S-S-81, or SA-SA-81, if I was goingt o go with passoves, I think I would use a Cool rails in the neck with eother the little 59 of the JBJr in the middle (or viceversa) and SH-8 Invader, or SH13 Dime at the bridge. Or if you like DiMarzio, a SH-3 in the neck, and YJM at the center, and a DP 156 Hum from hell or a XN2 at the bridge.

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I think I'm either going too go with EMG SA/SA/81 or passives with a hotter single in the neck such as a seymour duncan custom and a vintage in the mid and a prety hot but not blazing hot humbucker in the bridge such as a full shred or a JB.

I've never auccually played on EMG's so before I buy something I'll go into a store and find something with the SA's and an 81 and see if I like it...

Auccually I was thinking it would be cool too get a nice overwound single in the bridge and have it where I can make it bridge and neck in series. I like that combo better than just a plain old humbucker. I did that with my P-90 guitar and I love the sound. hmmm I might auccually go with a P-90 in the bridge. But than I would have too get some pickguard material and make a custom pickguard...

Too many decisions, I need like 20 guitars with diffren't pickup combinations :D

Lets see I already have one with P-90s and I'm about to have one with two hot humbuckers (a week or so, have my fingers crossed) so I think for this guitar I'm going too go with a SSL-6 custom flat in the neck (or mabye a fender custom shop texas special), a APS-2 Alnico II pro in the middle (RWRP), and a SH-PG1 pearly gates in the bridge. and of couse I'll have all kinds of tasty wireing like a coil split and neck and one bridge coil in series and such.

I'll build a guitar thats more for harder stuff and put EMG's in it, This guitar just doesn't scream out SHRED. I'll make one for that. I wan't this too be my every day versatile go-to axe and I think this combo will deliver what I need.

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