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T-o-m Bridge Question...


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Yeah, I did it on my first and ONLY guitar I've ever made (and it's still not finished :D lol). I have to refinish it (teacher forced me to brush finish it...) and fix one or two things.

[Yeah yeah, I know what you guys are thinking, "OMG! He actaully builds things and doesn't just ask questions 24/7???]


Taken from a large angle so you can see down into the recess


Here it is with the TOM removed


I even recessed the tailpiece.


PS: I did it for the reason garhanman brought up, didn't want a neck angle.

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Thanks! I'm in the middle of building my V, and I'm going to be glueing the sides on next weekend. I can only work weekends, because school is so demanding... :D

I made a thread about the V a while ago, so I'll update that with progress pics tonight. :D

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I have it recessed pretty far down for a number of reasons:

1) I figured the further down I routed it, the less you'd see the bottom of it because it'd get darker as you go down cause the TOM would block light, then IE: The nicer it would look (as you can see when I removed the brdge, the routed bottom isn't beautiful).

2) Since I made a neck thru with no angle, the fretboard was only as high off the body as however thick stewmac fretboards are (can't remember, but it's alot less than the hieght of a TOM). Therefore I figured I needed it pretty deep.

3) Lastly I figure if it's too low, you can always raise it with the posts (within reason) but if it's too high at it's lowest post setting... you'd have to rereoute which if discovered AFTER finishing, that'd SUCK.

Conclusion: Too deep is better than too shallow.

I just measured, and mine is about 5/16" deep. But keep in my the tune-o-matic doesn't sit NEAR that deep into the cavity.

PS: Half an inch is a little overboard though...

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Like Wes mentioned, a search would had yield a lot of answers to your question.

Yes it can be done, like Jivin posted, Carvin does it on their guitars.

Don't go too deep, 1/4" - 5/16" is more than enough, and make sure you make a template of the tom, so it seats nice in the hole and it looks clean. This is not a thing to do free handed, since it will look really bad and detract from the over all look of the guitar.

All the guitars I have done with a TOM have been recessed because I don't like the feel of a neck angle neck and I like to have my hand close to the body, so this will be an all preference, if you like the Les Paul guitar feel, don't recess the TOM and build the guitar with a neck angle!

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Note: I did use a neck angle when I recessed the bridge, I just used both to compensate for the very thick carve. Also, I did every single route on my last build freehand. After you do enough inlays, you start to get a very steady hand and templates become a nuisance more than anything else. I would challenge anyone to take a steel rule to any of my routes. As for the pocket for the bridge, fits like a glove on O.J. simpson.



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Not everybody have a steady hand for that, and even if I did, I rather use a template than risk messing up a 5A top because I found the use of a template a problem.

I have fixed corners on pup routes freehand, and believe me they come out straight, but for a part of the guitar that is going to show, I use a template, not matter how good I think I am.

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