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Anybody ever attempt a snakeskin?

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I recovered one of my amps in snakeskin (tolex), but never a guitar.

I remember back in the '80's, I think it was Nuno Bettencort (could be wrong) talked about having one of his guitars done in snake. He said it muffled the tone compared to what it sounded like before, and he had some kind of answer as to what he was gonna do different the second time around...maybe it was the glue...I can't remember...

Here's a rear shot of my snakeskin amp...the front has a repro BF plate, and black grillecloth now, just so you don't think it's still silver in the front (Ugh!)

Snakeskin SFDR w/ EV SRO

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The closest I could come to that was Norm Nardini and the Tigers, a Pittsburgh-based band who's members all had their guitars/basses painted white with black tiger stripes (also) sometime back in the '80's.

I think there was a picture of them onstage on one of their albums with their tiger-striped guitars, maybe you could find something on-line.

Never seen any snake-painted stuff tho...are you looking for a diamond-back design or something like that?

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Sounds a good candidate for a material finish to me though...


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I have several pieces of Python skin glued to a piece of wood right now I'm doing as a test to see which adhesive holds the best, Yes I already have a volunteer for the project so sorry guys but you will get to see the tutorial on it when I'm done :D

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