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'The Drakulator'...

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Just finished this one up the other day...let me know what you think! :DB):D:D

Perota bodywood

Birdseye Maple cap

Warmoth Birdseye Neck

Tele Bridge

Custom designed body

Sperzel Locking tuners

Bill Lawrence 280 neck and middle

Barden Tele bridge

EMG Afterburner pre-amp

EMG EXG tone-shaping device

Finished in Nitro

Contoured Neck Heel

Rear body-waist route

Pretty light, very resonant

Strung with 9's for now

The pics (1,2,3,etc...) follow the guitar from the top headstock down the neck to the back then around to the front.









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This is really my favorite shape and I am starting to consider it my 'signature' guitar shape.

I've made a HB/SC/SC EMG 'Metal' Floyd-equipped version,

a thick-hollow 2-HB angled neck 'Gibson' version,

and there are 1 or 2 more on the way

I really dig the body shape. Can you tell?

This is kind of my 'cover-all-the-Fender-bases Tele-Strat-Fender' version...

After playing it for a few days, it's becoming obvious by the tone that it really is a 'Lenny' machine, not really for hard-rockin', but I got some others for that...

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Nice work on the burst color job. I've always loved bursts. B)

If you can, post an MP3 of what she sounds like. I'm curious about that pickup combination with the preamp. I'm surprised that you describe it as "Lenny" sounding. I would have expected more gain. Fantastic job, though, gotta admit that. :D

What's the Gibson version like? Like a Les Paul with all the binding?

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Roli, I'm still experimenting with it and letting the tone it wants to give off 'sink in' with me. Been playin' it all day today!

It's really leaning to Ronnie Earl/Lenny/10,000 Maniacs tones in a 'big' way, but I've just been playing it thru my '73 Deluxe Reverb sitting on top of a 1-15 extension closed-back bottom-ported cab, running thru both, haven't tried any high-gain amps (or any pedals) yet with it, and I don't think it will be a good match for them by the sound of it either (to my surprise as well). Except I bet a chorus will sound tremendous with it.

When I roll up the pre-amp all the way with the Barden, it sounds pretty screaming Roy Buchanan-ish more than anything else. When I roll it up on the neck/mid, it does rock out pretty nice with a nice fat hard-rockin' rich riffy tone.

I've got the Afterburner in a few others, and the effect is quite different for some reason. With those, rolling up the A-burner goes right into heavily-overdriven completely-saturated endless-sustain Satriani-Land (I like) but this one seems a bit different...Hmmmmmm...I still like tho.

But it doesn't quite 'twang' like a genuine hard-core grittin' on Tele either, but then again I never thought Bardens did that as well as a real Tele bridge does anyhow...the Barden is a guest at the moment, maybe subject to change, but the Lawrences are just made for this guitar, they fit it perfectly for what it apparently wants to do.

Actually, the Barden is out of phase with the Lawrences, just the way the chips fell between them, I was going to reverse the polarity to make it right, but I've found in the past few hours that the out-of-phase tone with it's reduced bass gives me the most twang-tone, so I might just keep it this way...we'll see...it's good for tonal variety.

It's got the Stew-Mac 5-way Megaswitch, which gets rid of the middle-pkp only (pos 3) in favor of the bridge/neck 'Tele middle-position' sound. So I'm getting 2 out-of-phase positions right now (3 and 4), the best twang being the pos. 3 bridge/neck...

Jehle, I'm a moron when it comes to having my sh*t and grits together for recording and posting MP3's.B) I want to get hooked up for that, but always seem to be doing something else and can't seem (as yet) to find the time to get hooked up like dat...I HAVE to get it together on that front soon...

I'll post some pics of the Gibson version soon. I call it 'Bones' 'cause the top is highly flamed Walnut that looks like an X-ray of someone's rib cage. :D

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