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rsera Sorry I'm late


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HI Guys,

ok I know some of you want details about that guitar that Brian post the pics for me.So here goes ,I bought this on ebay Germany for €260 (about $240 at the time) with a black floyd rose,and sa far as I know they still them from time to time(seller guitars-and-parts.de ) I dont know if they ship to the U.S. but maybe.

I bought this with the intension of stripping the paint off of it and paint it white so that it would look a little more like my hero Steve Vai.The inlay work is in my opinion not as good as on the pics but appears to be real pearl or other shell there are a few spots that were not sanded properly which takes away from its niceness(is that a word?).I did not paint this guitar I bought it that way.I dont think that the inlay work and the paint job fit together.the guitar has a very nice feel as fas as the neck goes very thin and fast and as soon as I get a good pickguard I can put those pickup in I got from Brain(not for free but damn close $62,50).

if I left anything out you wanna know than e-mail me rsera@gmx.de

cya:-)) Rick

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