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Humbucker Cover Effect

The Fatalities

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I was wondering if a plastic emg style humbucker cover will effect the quality of the sound.

Im not sure but think it may effect the output.

BTW: for some reason whenever i post a topic it comes up with nothing in the thread.

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Date: Saturday 01st of April 2006 04:34:13 AM

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No idea about the error thing but a plastic cover shouldn't affect the tone directly. I have several guitars with plastic pickup covers and they don't affect the tone other than if they're not pushed right down onto the pickup; this can lead to you having the pickup ajusted futher away from the strings than you normally would.


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The Fatalities, your plastic cover changing the sound compared to what? If it's compared to having a nickel or silver metal cover then yes, taking off a metal cover is said to make the pickup a bit hotter and perhaps have a bit tighter focus as the metal cover serves to attenuate and spread things out some. Having a plastic cover like EMG's is like having no cover.

I don't know about the problems posting, I always suggest making sure your OS is upgraded, and your web browser as well. The following is just a guess, but if your posting while this website’s server is undergoing occasional maintenance, you “might” get an error message like that. I suggest letting someone know if the problem persists even at different times of the day. Also you might want to make sure you don’t have this problem at other similar webforums with the same kind of forum software (Invision Power Board).

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The only reason why covers were taken off in the first place was because the pickups weren't potted and became microphonic. People also like the look of the uncovered bobbins. Some pickups, by nature of their design, aren't suitable for standard covers either.

Put two of the same pickups side by side, one with a nickel cover, one without, and I can guarantee you won't hear a difference in sound or "hotness". The only reason why an uncovered pickup might sound hotter is you can get it an EJ-tad closer to the strings. That's it. A plastic cover will definitely not alter your sound, either.

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