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Taking On To Much Work?

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Do you ever find that you take on to much work, it seems to me that building and repairing guitars is becoming a bit of a chore. Right now i have an acoustic build, an acoustic in for a new nut and saddle, a classical guitar waiting for a re top, a strat getting refinished, a bass build from scratch fr a friend, a carved top electric for me, another strat for me, a violin kit still needing finishing and a ukulele, there isn't enough hours in a day. maybe its time to slow down a bit, i dunno :D

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Try doing it for a living:

3 amps to repair...

18-20 guitars in for various repairs/setups...

2 effect pedals to repair, and three to build...

One custom tele to HEAVILY modify for an international touring artist who is leaving for a tour on saturday...

Timber to source...

Parts to order...

... thats all gotta be done by friday 3pm...

Next week...

3 refinishes to be finished by end of next week and a couple headstock repairs, an article for a local magazine, and sourcing more timber.


34 custom guitars and a couple basses on order, 8 of which need to be finished by august 6th so i can take them with me to deliver to clients in the USA (ive only completed the fretboards!!), and five more by xmas...

... the the two amps im building

... and the 8 other pedals im designing

... and the guitar builders interstate im helping setup up

Im going to work!


Oh, and then get home and listen to some clown bat off about how i should spend more time helping out on the forum..... :D :D

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It never rains it pours. Although I'm not in the guitar building/repair "biz" I occasionally do some fixup jobs. But outside of that I've been trying to scare up house painting work. I've gone thru such a dry spell the past few months, only small stuff here and there then all of a sudden these BIG jobs are looming. I've got 3 for later and a definite for tomorrow. The definite is a sweet job, only a block away and the weather is looking just right. Should take me 2 weeks for a 4G contract. Time to get bizzy. :D

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Do you want a work shop assistant/slave Perry? B)

Yep, sure do.

Oh, and then get home and listen to some clown bat off about how i should spend more time helping out on the forum.....

I forgot you're the only one here on the forum with a real job, eh mate?



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i can move to perth any time you want me!! :D


darren :D

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I've learned long ago it's better to turn down jobs than say you'll do them and not really have the time. Before I used to do computer work on the side, even though I work a full time job, and play in two different bands on the weekends. What I would end up doing is commiting myself to working on too many computers, and I'd have to stay up real late each night and get maybe 4 hours sleep. Even doing that, I had more people come up to me for more work, and more, and more... then I figured out the hard way, I'm only one person, and only have so much time in a day. What would happen ultimately is someone would bring a computer to me, and I'd say, " I will do it, but I won't really be able to get to it, until 4 or 5 days from now." They would then tell me, "ahh, don't worry about it, just get to it when you can." We'll that leads you to believe they do want the job done, but are willing to wait. You can guess what happens next.... Three days later, they are calling me on the phone every 2 hours, asking when I'll be done. Even though I'd explained myself, and make it perfectly clear when the work was going to be done... that obviously went out the window, and now I'm a bad guy for not getting it back in two days time.. lol

Now I approach everything from the prospective of, do I have time to get this work done quickly, or is there something else that will prevent me for doing that. If the answer is no, then I just turn down the job. Like I said, it's a whole lot easier saying 'no' now, than saying 'yes' because I want to help the person out, and regret it later. Everyone has their limitations, and it's best to know yours.

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