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Where To Buy Wood

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Since you are looking for a chunk large enough to cut an angled headstock out of you might be better off laminating a few pieces of wood together to get you a large enough blank. It will probably be cheaper that way and as an added bonus it will be stronger as well. There are lots of places that sell 1" neck blanks, but for a 13 degree headstock angle you're going to need closer to 2.5" of depth. Which is why I say laminate. If you try to purchase 3 1" neck blanks to laminate it will be pretty expensive, so if you can find some rough lumber locally and have access to a planer and joiner then that will be your best and cheapest alternative. It took me quite a while to find a place local to me, all I can say is keep searching. Look in the phone book, talk with woodworkers that you know, not just guitar builders, etc, etc. And as Bilious Frog said, post your location in your profile. Someone might know of a place nearby you.

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I buy most of my wood from the Hardwood Store of North Carolina. They have a web special of 10sq feet of 1/4" any species delivered UPS for about $35. That isn't cheap compared to buying it locally, but it's already resawn and planed! If you ask for 40" boards, it'd be enough to laminate a couple of neck throughs.

I'd personally spend $70, and ask for two species. :D Actually, I did just order Maple and Bubinga that way. They usually only do domestics on the special, but I had driven down for Bubinga a week ago after they emailed me it was in stock, and when I showed up, a local merchant had just been in and bought their entire 150 or so BF.

So they gave me the special on Bubinga. But you could get mahogany and Maple, or Walnut, or Cherry. It'd be a pretty laminate!


Oh, their website is Hardwoodstore.com.

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where is a good place to buy mahogany neck blanks I am wanting a big enough piece where I can cut the headstock angle without a scarf joint on a side note what species of mahogany does gibson use.

We build those to order.

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