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2 (horizontal) Pc Walnut Bodies

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I was given some nice slabs of dark walnut, but they are only 1" thick.

They are 1" thick and about 16" wide.

What's the verdict on having them glued together to form a solid body?

Bolt-ons and bodies with tenons?



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As Rick said, why not. What is your worry? Personally I might be tempted to do 2 nice thick carved top with a 3/4" figured maple cap(one flamed, one quilt), but laminating the walnut like that is fine. Same idea as any body with a different top wood. Obviously, some are thin tops, but there are thicker tops as well. I believe I've seen numerous people go with 3/4" on a carved top, could be wrong, but I believe so.

I think the only reason people don't usually glue two pieces around the same thickness like that is the visable glue line that will be around the edge of the guitar. With darker woods it'll be less obviously, but depending on grain and such, it still might be easy to see. If you threw a maple top on and put a good carve on it, it would look like similar to any body with a top. If you think it will be very visable once glued up, you can always make it look different by adding a contrast line between the two pieces like a thin piece of maple, sometimes that can make it look better than trying to hide it. Anyhow, just some things to think about when you start planning the guitar

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Perfect stock for building a chambered-body electric, I've got one such body I made out of walnut about 3 years ago, sitting on the back burner. Rout mirror-image chambers on either side, then glue 'em together and have at it.


I was thinking the same thing


I'm actually making something just like that right now. 2 slabs of some really ugly Poplar that will be routed then glued to make a Jelly-Thinline.

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