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??Black thin thing??

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my vote is a dark wood veneer, ebony is good for that cause it's so dark. but how was the top done!?!?! stain black, then sanded till only the ridges had black left then some creative taping and staining?

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yeah that is just a natural spalted top, im almost finished a spalted flamed top, 3 more coats of laquer to go! and the thin line is usually a veneer walnut is nice for them ecpecially on maple. purple heart would look really cool to, but i dont know if you can get that in a veneer.

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K-derek, that's just a good example of a spalted wood top!

That's what I was thinking. Do people actually try to stain wood to look like a spalted top? I have never heard of that. I would assume that this is just a natural spalt but I'm no expert.

ya i knew it was splated, just looks it was stained and finished to exagerate and compliment the wood... maybe not?

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