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dimarzio evolutions


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so a little bit late, im wondering how to tell for sure these are the real deal. he was selling all the other right stuff so i think they are. i was actually worried someone else here might snag em due to the single coil being hard to get.

the pattent number on the back is the right number, and dimarzio's site says the evolutions have a back black

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Guest AlexVDL

The patent number is the real deal, the back is black plus the polepieces are gold.. which is not available on other dimarzio allen type polepieces pickups. Also on the bottom right it says Dimarzio, that means it comes from a factory guitar. So these are no aftermarket replacements... so I think for 99% that these are originals taken out of the jem7vwh.


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Chrome DiMarzio's are a damn sight harder to get hold of than Jem single's (inc breed/evo matched singles)

I would'nt trade the Jem single tho dude,Your right to keep hold :-) I'm hoping to get a set of brand new (kinda) mint Chrom Fred/PafPro from a damaged j290th :-)

I just lurve chrome stuff :-)


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