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Some more airbrushing from LGM Guitars

LGM Guitars

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Now I just gotta learn how to fly the dumb thing LOL!!!!

I built a Larger landing gear base for mine years ago out of hardwood dowels and large wiffle balls so I could learn to hover and land without tearing the rotor off.

Yeah, I've seen that done regularly, the other one and the one I think I'll do is the dowels with a hula hoop. Gives you a bit more flexibility in taht if it starts to tip it slides a bit more before it catches to fall over.

This is the one side of RC I really dont' have much of a clue about, I've flown pretty much everything else, and the Jets are where my true love is, but I had to try a heli :D

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I haven't done any RC in about 15 years. I used to race 1/10 and 1/12 scale electrics competetively. The HElicopter was a very expensive impulse buy

Hehehe, the only reason I got the helicopter was that I got a really good deal on it. Once finished I will have put less than $1000 into it. Compare that to the jet I'm working on right now which when completed will carry an $8000 price take and it's pretty reasonable LOL!!!! Here's a pic of the jet I'm currently working on.


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Well, you heard wrong, no license is needed, it's wise to join a club and have an experienced modeller help teach you to fly, lessens the risk of breaking stuff that way, and you should purchase MAAC (in canada, AMA in the US) insurance for liability. It's only $60 a year and gives you $3,000,000 in liability insurance in case you hit someone or something.

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