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1500 Grit Sandpaper?

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Walmart didn't have it. I checked Home Depot again, and they don't have it. They do have 400 grit. It's the highest I found so far. Auto parts store didn't have anything fine, either. I don't know if there is an Ace hardware around me, I also don't know where a machine shop is. I'm going to check Napa and an auto body store after I get out of school today, but right now, I'm in my ASP class.

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You won't be able to buff out 800 grit scratches...I would'nt even attempt it with my 3000 rpm buffer and cutting pads. I've never seen the fine grits in hardware stores, shops who sell body shop paint and supplies will carry it (check your yellow pages) and NAPA carries it as they sell paints too.

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