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Awesome purchase, mate. Simply fantastic. I would love to hear your opinions on the synth option. The thing looks like half rockabilly and half jazz beast. So cool.

I myself am not a fan of stripy ebony :D Makes the fretboard look dirty. Makes me want to clean it, haha. That's one big reason why I've moved to rosewood.

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My Carvin ebony board has a tiny brown streak at the 12th fret, I don't mind it though.

I really like macassar ebony boards, because there so stripy it's like there not trying to hide the stripes..... you know what I mean?

Synth access!? I want a synth access guitar and a gr-20 at the moment. But I cant find a solid body guitar with 24-frets and synth-access :D

That guitar's so cool, Bigsby's make you like a rock star.

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Lovely guitar! I see it has a bigsby. would you be willing to take a few measurements for me? As I don't have acces to a bigsby.

I would like to know the diameter of the two bars (the one on which the strings are fixed and the one that keeps em down). Would be great if you would do this. Cheers!

Dirge for November

Oh yeah... the topic in which I ask these questions is: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=35540

the reasons for wanting to know these measurements is also in there.

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Vol. Knob: Honestly, I haven't given the piezo or mag pickups a good workout yet. I played with the synth stuff and then went on vacation. I'll let you know though. :D Neither jazzy nor rockabilly, really... I'm more of a classic rock guy, but I do like the Bigsby better than any other trem I have played, so far.

Dirge: Sure, I'll take some measurements for you. I don't have my calipers handy, but I'll see if I can get it done tomorrow or so.

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