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Do You "hear" A Song Or Sound Of The Guitar You Are Building

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I've been meaning to ask this for some time now.

When I design and build guitars, I've got a very particular sound or vibe in mind when I'm doing it. Often times I've got a specific solo or riff that is sort of like the life force of the guitar and keeps me on track as I build. Sort of like a higher plane of making tank sounds when we used to draw tanks as kids.

My uber guitar I'm building now, in my mind, is kind of a Guthrie Govan thing . . .

Another design I've started, I can only hear the solos/guitar sound in the Black Crowes "Hard to Handle" (and I'm not a huge BC fan or anything).

Anyone else?

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I tend to listen to whatever type of music the guitar is meant for. Usually it ends up being some form of blues.

Oddly enough, I find I'm MUCH more productive when listening to Jimi Hendrix in the shop. I don't know if it does something to my brain or what, but it works.

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well, in that case, the sound I'm going for has been Grip Inc.'s bassist on the album Solidify. When you hit those low notes on the low B with new strings, oh man... My bass has a backnote, (or aftertaste... i don't know how to describe it) that sounds like a saltwater crocodile growling/sleeping/breathing/snoring. Its exactly what I was looking for :D

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Sort of like a higher plane of making tank sounds when we used to draw tanks as kids

Awesome analogy, conjures a brilliant mental image.

I do think of how I want a guitar to sound while I am building. Right now I am building a strat copy for a friend and I hear Big Head Todd and the Monsters, that sort of single coil sound. On the set necks that I have built I was looking for a kinda jazzy warm sound. Unfortunately not many turned out like I envisioned. The last set neck I made plays great, good feel, nice action but I just didn't get the sound I was looking for.

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Yeah I actually do...

Bit weird huh?

Not weird. It's how I think, I've found that it guides me though the whole design and build process. Everything from the wood choices, the type of build, pickup choices, hardware, everything. Then, when you are doing the real artful stuff like shaping the neck, you are at the peak of it until you actually get the first strum of the strings.


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