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Urgent Help My Esp


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i am sorry to post topic again.

my ESP guitar have dent, so i fix it. i use super glue (i also use this method on fender guitar, no problem at all) . let super glue dry, i sand it from 800 , 1000 , 1200 , 1500 and 2000. i polish it. but the color is not match.

so should i use color satin? what color i should use, amber or white? and have this ESP use color satin?


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I would agree with wes. Maple tends to amber as it ages. I have an old piece my uncle gave me that looks about the same color as that neck on the surface but if I sand it, it's light under that layer. You may have just sanded through it. Even so, I wouldn't mess with it. There's more of a chance of screwing up trying to get the color to match perfectly.

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I doubt the guitar is finished in nitro, but if it is you could always put some nitro lacquer in a glass jar and set the jar outside for a few weeks/months. The sunlight will age the lacquer to a nice vintage amber. This is a trick I learned from Frank FordFRETS.com. Frank is maybe the best/most respected repair guy on the West coast. I witnessed him reset and refret a 70's Martin 12 string in just over 2 hours while he gave a lecture at The Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. I think nitro is the only finish that would age like this though.

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