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Fine Line Tape


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Or you could just push a normal roll through a bandsaw.

An ideal way to lose a finger, gunk up a blade and not get a result :D

And you won't get a very nice edge even if you do it safely. Ive put a roll of masking tape between two boards to hold it without my finger's getting cut, and cut it with a utility knife. I don't recommend that technique, but you can cut through 5 or 6 layers pretty easily.

Personally, I'd call up a local custom auto painter and ask them where they buy theirs. And of course there's always e-bay, which probalby won't save you anything over CoastAirbrush on price, but might save you a buck or two on S&H.

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I've been picking up the blue 3M fineline tape at a CarQuest auto parts stores - first (and only) place I've found that carries it locally here in the Burlington, VT area. Quick internet search says theres a few CarQuest stores in the Dallas/FTW area - perhaps give them a call?

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