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Home Depot sale.


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I went tonite to pickup some sandpaper for a table I'm working on when I noticed the 9" Ryobi bandsaw I kinda want is on sale from $99, to $87. I asked a guy how much longer that sale was gonna be going on...he wasn't sure, and the guy that runs that deptartment wasn't around. So, he told me some "inside information"; Starting tomorrow all hardware will be 20% off. Taken at the register.

I dunno if he was just telling me that to get me to leave him alone or what.

But I was gonna pick up the Ryobi 9" tomorrow anyway. So we'll see if in fact there is another 20% off or not.

So, in short, if anyone is looking for some tools, tomorrow might be a good day to go and see.

And if you don't get the 20% off, return it, unless its worth it.

But for those looking for a bandsaw, the ryobi 9" IS on sale for $87.

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Look up all the info you can about that bandsaw on newsgroups, woodworking forums etc. I don't want to put it down, but I was on a forum about 2 days ago, where they were talking about a Ryobi drill press and several people said it was very poorly made. One guy said his father-in-law bought one and the spindle run-out was really bad. They took it back, and actually ended up getting a cheaper drill press at harbor freight that had a better spindle.

You might not even read this until after you buy it. It's probably ok, but I always check on the internet. I found out that listening to what others say about particular tools goes a long way.

I should have avoided harbor freight drill bits after reading only negative comments on the internet about them.


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Yep...I'm in the market for an oscillatin sander and now a planer...I'll swing down to Home Depot and check them out. The sale doesn't surprise me as it's a retail business' tactic to put items on sale for holidays or blow them out at the end of the year--plus they were $89 during fathers day.

Read: buy a car stereo (etc.) between Dec 30 and Jan1. Dropped $100 for my sale, dropped another $50 during those dates.

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The Ryobi spindle sander is perfect for guitar bodies, neck shaping, etc.

The 9" Delta Bandsaw.....got one and kinda wish that I had done more research. Cutting bodies and the profiles for necks can be a little tricky with the limited horsepower, especially with laminated necks. I've discovered that maybe a 12" (with more horsepower of course) bandsaw may be more appropriate for cutting out bodies...for what it is worth.

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i have the 9"delta.works fine on laminate necks.you shouldn't outrun the blade.you really don't even need much pressure it cuts fine.i let a friend use mine and he jammed the blade up immediately pushing too hard.i haven't had a problem.

12"would be better.cuttiing bodies is tightwith the 9"

harbor freight has a 12" for $99...

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