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Have You Ever Seen A Sexier Fretboard?!

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I'm REALLY leaning to a pair of 3/32" blood red stone dots surrounded in thin sterling silver in the upper left hand side of the 12th fret... simple, unobtrusive, and useful. I did the same thing on a current build that has a snakewood fretboard, just with gold and paua and it looks quite classy.


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ooh a black & white ebony fret board bragging thread. . . .

Still waiting to be slotted for my 8 string build . ..


Got about three or four 6 string blanks as well hanging around . . mind you it does help when I live in the country that virtually all B&W Ebony originates from! :D

Oh as for inlays I am only putting side dots on it - I've put gold pearl dots on them before but really they don't need nothing. :D

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I felt really sad when those B+W Ebony boards weren't the right size for anything i'm working or planning on. I should have snagged them just to have them hanging around the house :-\

Too cool for school.

I still have to visit the timber merchant soon so you never know what might turn up! :D

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