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As I mentioned before, this is the first ebony fretboard I have used / owned. Does anyone know if it is normal to sand ebony up to something like 600 / 800 or into the higher realm of micro-mesh? I just don't know if ebony fretboards are supposed to have a shiny look or a more matted/flat look to them (I guess by not sanding above 220/320)? Maybe it's just a matter of preference but I wanted to see what you guys considered to be the standard.



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Many companies do stain thier ebony boards with black oil die to make them a more even color.

I sand out my boards and inlays to 600 max, but often go over the inlays with micromesh, not the entire board.

It's a personal preferance. I would think a micromesh sanded board, with a bit of the die would make for a very smooth playing surface. Something I would personally like.


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