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Another Glue Thread


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I found a link its just another urea-formaldehyde two part glue. Sorry its nothing special and the cost far outweighs any benefit of using it.

In fact it is water proof so if you are using stains its not recommended. Better used for wooden planes than guitars.


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anybody here use gorilla wood glue?

That **** rocks! :D

Rocks for gluing rocks together not guitars..

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i think he might be asking about this its a pva glue that is made by gorrilla

i have seen thsi several times but im not a woodworker and since titebond was so highly recomended thats what i have.

Most people refer to the Polyurethane gorilla glue but yes he could be talking the PVA stuff. But again its water resistant or titebond II stuff. Not rcommended...Nor for gluing rocks either LOL

I notice they make every kind of glue now, how will I be able to answer a post when they say gorilla glue. Too bad no one learns anything about glue in the bottleexcept the name on the bottle and the word wood....

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I was talking about this

Yes and I answered that it was urea-formaldehyde two part glue. in the first reply. The only difference is an application to the wood of some bonding agent which is separate from the glue.

This is a standard glue in shops that do veneer work and I can pick it up at and good woodworking store. But again the color is not clear when dryand its waterproof when dry. For just those two reasons you should not use it. I have no idea what the joint strength is but I will assume its good given the application it was intended for. But if you hold up an inexpensive bottle of yellow or white PVA glue the difference in price and the other factors I just mentioned again make it unsuiteable and expensive.

Did I mention you need to wear gloves when using this glue. But if you have it and want to use it go right ahead, my babbling has never stopped anyone from doing what they had intended to do anyway...

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my babbling has never stopped anyone from doing what they had intended to do anyway...

Mine neither. (fortunately)

Actually it is not expensive and actually it does dry clear.

It is waterproof though.- (why is that a bad thing?)

If you ever want to stain a top directly any glue that was left on the wood will repel the stain and ruin your attempt. I am not saying you will be staining the wood. We have to make a generalized assumption of what glue would work best for guitar building and this isn't it. You are the first to introduce this glue into the forum.. That should ring a few alarm bells given all the guitars people build and crazy things people use. In addition this glue has been available for may years if it had any place as a PVA alternative it would have been said already.

My last 2 cents worh of whatever you want to take away from my comments.

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